Random Scary Gnome?

I was just playing on gm_atomic, and I went to the area where the big door is at the very bottom of the lab and beside the pick axe was a random gnome. I picked it up with the gravity gun and it screamed, you shoot it with a gun, and it goes OW! Or if you shoot it with the gravity gun it goes, “NOW I’M PISSED” and pops up in the air with a small explosion. I don’t know how it got there, I didn’t download it, ( I looked on garrysmod.org and couldn’t find it ) And I haven’t seen it in that area before, and it scared me. I got out remove tool and clicked it but nothing happened. If you have any info on this please post! I’M SCARED.

The Gnome is Garry.

Theres a Lab and PickAxe on Gm_construct? wat.

He means Gm_Atomic, methinks.

Oh yeah,I know what he means!! oh wait,nevermind…The Gm_atomic one didn´t carry a pickaxe. Right?

No, all there is a radio, nuclear waste and the soundtrack to Fallout 3. Lovely Fallout 3 Sound track

Sorry I meant gm_atomic. It’s really scary and I don’t know where it came from. It’s just there and screams at me!

Well, throw it into the toilet and forget about it.

It was built into the map

God, I fucking hate the bunker in Atomic

I always spawn a ton of hunters or something down there, totally forget about them and scare the shit out of myself later on

I feel the same. During a run of ep2 I thought I’d cleared that area where they use an energy gate to stop your car and you fight a fuckton of hunters. Then I go to the door and see this little bastard.

I died.

Ok thanks, I just haven’t noticed it before.

There’s a gnome like this in gm_bigcity too.


I can’t play gmod enough, I’ve never noticed this. I’m afraid I’ll find it out and jump out my seat now when playing those maps.

You won’t. It’s in very out-of-the-way places in both maps.

God dammit now Im gonna be up all night looking for the fucking gnome in bigcity.

I remember when I had a NPC fight with some zombies, but I couldn’t find a fast zombie torso, so I started building. 5 minutes later it comes up behind me when I’m welding stuff. :ohdear:

I’ve found about this gnome on gm_atomic a long while ago.

Now I gotta find the one on gm_bigcity too.

I know where the gnome is but when i see it its one of the big red fashing errors

EP2 probably.