Random Server Crashes/reboots since update 14

Hey guys. I seem to be in a little spot of bother, meaning why the helix does my server just randomly crash for no reason?

ANYways my **first ** question is that can someone please tell me the difference between legacy addons and workshop addons/collections?

I know I sound like a right noob but let me explain pls. When update 14 came out, my server has been experiancing random crashes and reboots due to i dont know what. My server is paid for meaning i pay monthly for it to be hosted on the Nitrous networks and yeah, Ive contacted them about the problem and tbh they are thick as two planks when it comes to this issue.
And so how this links addon thing is that ATM, my addon list for my server is a load of folders which are basically extracted GMA files of the addons, which have nicely been added into the server and are chronologically ordered for ease, but I have a feeling that may be causing the crash. Can someone tell me if this method of addon is called legacy?

And if this method that i am using is crap, then should I use workhop? Which gets me to another point. I set up a workshop collection for all my addons and I applied it to the server but then when i first booted it up after, i got a message saying “download failed” meaning some addons didnt download fullly and the others did so now i have a addon folder which is brimmed with folders and “unnamed” GMA files which really makes my OCD tick.

And the reason to why this is annoying is because this server is relativly new as well and before the new 14 update, everything worked fine and dandy until i had to update and yes i have re-installed my server FIFTY times over with NO addons and STILL the server crashes.

If anyone is experiancing the same problem, pls let me know if you have any ideas on how to fix this and also what is better: legacy or workshop addons.

there is no difference, the one is compiled and the other one not

And yup same prob, my server keeps crashing randomly, goto wait for an update from garry

Dammit so what would be better? Complied or not? I have an option for Fast DL for my server so should i remove all the folder addons from my server and just use the workshop GMA downloads?

@II_PYRO_II: i would recommend using the legacy addons for the server , since its easy to change stuff in the code then, and use the workshop as your fast dl ( much faster then the legacy fast dl )

Ahh alright. So big addons like WAC, use workshop and use legacy for smaller things? Would that be better?

the best thing is , dl only workshop and server only legacy

wait so what do you mean? It has to be one of them since the ‘players’ will have to use one way and thats either using the legacy way or using the workshop way?

nope, you can mix them, but i like to keep things clean and simple , just some advice from me

Yeah i get you