Random server crashes

Ever since this new update launced, many servers, not just mine, have been crashing over and over. I have several different questions that i’m seeking answers to. I host a darkrp server, and I am absolutely clueless on what’s causing the crashes. In fact, other darkrp servers don’t crash, but still are very corrupt file wise. I’ve noticed that some things specifically crash the server, but not all the time, what’s up with that? (I removed or restricted the specific tools/addons)

I’ve tried wiping my server, re-installing everything, removing specific corrupt addons, testing every single tool on my server, testing every single spec of pixel… But this update, to say the least, fucked shit up HARD. I did a small test where 10 people just stood still, the server was completely fine. But once they moved around and actually did shit, the server just crashed. Is it darkrp itself thats causing the issue? Am I missing something? Is there something I was suppose to install?

If there are any answers to these questions, please tell me. I apologize if my answers are in 30 pages of a thread, because I didn’t exacly feel like looking through all of it.
I’ve also heard of issues concerning the fact that linux and mac users can’t even connect to multiplayer servers. Some of them can’t even load up gmod without it crashing. Why would gmod release such a massive update so suddenly? I know that people had time to test it out and all, but wouldn’t it be more beneifical to release it little by little so that everything wouldn’t be such a clusterfuck? Also, I noticed that gmod had a specific forum thread for complaints and questions about the new update, and today it just vanished. Does gmod even remotely care about what’s going on? It seems as though that little move of theirs was an attempt to try and cover the shit stain that is their update. Anyways, is the best option to just wait a week and see how things turn out? Because honestly I think that’s the only option most people have right now. One more thing: Am sure a lot of people are scared of posting this general kind of thread because of all the ignorant, and distasteful people on this forum, so I decided to do it, SOMEONE has to. If YOU are the person who know’s the answer to these problem(s) then please respond, because a lot of people will benefit from it, not just the person looking like a gigantic ignorant asshole (me).


me too

Read it, you’ll find out why your server is crashing/breaking

Never heard of this issue, doubt it is the case

The development branch of Garry’s Mod is updated little by little so people can test the updates.

http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1450721 use this thread. The only sub forums, along with many others, were deleted by Garry.

The update was a fantastic update, it has had a number of features added and bugs/exploits fixed. If your server wasn’t crashing then it would be getting exploited

Stop being such a self-righteous and condescending twat and learn that sometimes people make mistakes

People don’t post threads like yours because they are fucken useless. If you want to help, go post your crash dumps in the thread I linked you to

It does not concern only servers. I’m on windows, and I can no longer play on any server ! When I connect them, arrived at Sending Client Info, the game shuts down.

Well, to answer your question, it seams that the new NW vars are crashing servers with segmentation fault. I know DarkRP uses much of them, the idea would be to limit the use of them to 1 or 2.

That’s what I done on my RP GameMode, and now I can again connect back, my client still crashs sometimes but I can play a bit.

The option for you, for me, for everyone who gets these problems is just to wait. I personally use development version in waiting because it crashs not much my client/server.

My sever also constantly crashes now.