Random Server Crashing

In some maps like rp_downtown_v6 my Gmod server keeps crashing after some time. 10-20 minutes.
It happen on all my servers! rp_evocity_v2d is either involved.
And on my TTT Server is ttt_community_bowling the case.

I dont know how to help myself. I tried nearly everything

I changed convars, edited the cfg, nothing helps.

Thanks for every response.

Do you get any errors?

No just sometimes. Segmentation fault.

And no its not my addons. I tried it on a fresh installed server either :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Linux / Windows? 32 / 64bit?
  2. What addons do you have?
  3. Console log?

2.DarkRP + TTT => Ghost DM, Traitor Weps, Det Weps, PS, PerkShop, Achievements, Damagelog, and a few more
3. Console just says Segmentation fault.

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It happens on sandbox sometimes either.