Random Server Crashing

Hello guys, I would appreciate it if you guys would read this and help me.
So my server is Sandbox, with ULX Ulib Uteam Urequest blah blah blah wiremod phx all svn

and all my stuff is set to the latest and or svn

So basically today i kept pressing z to clean up my stuff and i was almost done until two props. So my server crashed

But this time! It made a MDMP, which made me happy and thinking that someone can help me, So i am here yes, Asking Facepunch for their help.

Since i can’t put anything in attachments i have uploaded it to mediafire

Thanks and i really do appreciate any help you guys can give me.

What kind of crash? Was there an error message?
What addons do you have installed?
Was it listen or dedicated?
Is it hosted?
Have you cleared your cache?
Did you export svn addons?

Ok, its dedicated, and on the D drive. Other than that, I haven’t found much in the crash dump.

I found some odd data.


The server crashed on someone joining but, Did not make a MDMP file…

Anyways I don’t host it its paid hosting. Yes its on a dedicated box on the drive D:
Addons i have a bit.
Adv Dupe
wire mode pack 1

heres my ulx dump log:

ULX version: <SVN> revision 81
ULib version: 2.40
Gamemode: Sandbox
Map: gm_flatgrass
Dedicated server: true

Currently connected players:
Nick                            steamid            id lsh created
-MW- Illuﮱﮔiση            STEAM_0:1:19798942 1  n   22

ULib.ucl.users (#=4):
		group	=	owner
		name	=	Timz0
		name	=	-MW- Illuﮱﮔiση
		group	=	respected
		name	=	Buggzie
		group	=	owner
		name	=	tF|iHustle[Poki]
		group	=	admin

ULib.ucl.groups (#=6):
			ulx ent	=	!%owner
			ulx cexec	=	!%owner
			ulx luarun	=	!%owner
			ulx exec	=	!%owner
			ulx hiddenecho	=	!%owner
			ulx maul	=	!%owner
		inherit_from	=	admin
			ulx jail	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx sslay	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx freeze	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx whip	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx tsay	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx veto	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx spectate	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx uncloak	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx ungag	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx votemap2	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx cloak	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx goto	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx voteban	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx unigniteall	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx vote	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx gag	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx votekick	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx physgunplayer	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx unragdoll	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx unmute	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx slay	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx unjail	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx ignite	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx ungimp	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx ungod	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx bring	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx ban	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx mapsmenu	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx unignite	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx armor	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx unblind	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx slap	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx hp	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx rslotsmode	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx teleport	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx rslotsvisible	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx rslots	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx adminmenu	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx god	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx noclip	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx unfreeze	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx welcomemessage	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx send	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx reservedslots	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx banmenu	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx chattime	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx ragdoll	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx give	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx banid	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx unban	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx playsound	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx strip	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx kick	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx blind	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx map	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx csay	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx mute	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx spawnecho	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx gimp	=	!%owner !%superadmin
			ulx showmotd	=	!%owner !%superadmin
		inherit_from	=	moderator
			1	=	ulx asay
			2	=	ulx clientmenu
			3	=	ulx help
			4	=	ulx logchat
			5	=	ulx logdir
			6	=	ulx logecho
			7	=	ulx logevents
			8	=	ulx logfile
			9	=	ulx logspawns
			10	=	ulx logspawnsecho
			11	=	ulx menu
			12	=	ulx motd
			13	=	ulx psay
			14	=	ulx thetime
			15	=	ulx usermanagementhelp
			16	=	ulx votebanminvotes
			17	=	ulx votebansuccessratio
			18	=	ulx voteecho
			19	=	ulx votekickminvotes
			20	=	ulx votekicksuccessratio
			21	=	ulx votemap
			22	=	ulx votemap2minvotes
			23	=	ulx votemap2successratio
			24	=	ulx votemapenabled
			25	=	ulx votemapmapmode
			26	=	ulx votemapmintime
			27	=	ulx votemapminvotes
			28	=	ulx votemapsuccessratio
			29	=	ulx votemapvetotime
			30	=	ulx votemapwaittime
			31	=	ulx who
			32	=	urequest accept
			33	=	urequest deny
			34	=	urequest make
			35	=	urequest makep
			ulx god	=	!%owner !%superadmin !%admin
			ulx tele	=	!%owner !%superadmin !%admin
			ulx ungod	=	!%owner !%superadmin !%admin
			ulx bring	=	!%owner !%superadmin !%admin !%moderator
			ulx goto	=	!%owner !%superadmin !%admin
		inherit_from	=	user
			1	=	overcomeimmunity
			2	=	ulx addgroup
			3	=	ulx adduser
			4	=	ulx adduserid
			5	=	ulx groupallow
			6	=	ulx rcon
			7	=	ulx removegroup
			8	=	ulx removeuser
			9	=	ulx renamegroup
			10	=	ulx userallow
		inherit_from	=	superadmin
			ulx jail	=	!%owner !%superadmin !%admin
			ulx sslay	=	!%owner !%superadmin !%admin
			ulx slap	=	!%owner !%superadmin !%admin
			ulx whip	=	!%owner !%superadmin !%admin
			ulx unblind	=	!%owner !%superadmin !%admin
			ulx unmute	=	!%owner !%superadmin !%admin
			ulx unragdoll	=	!%owner !%superadmin !%admin
			ulx unfreeze	=	!%owner !%superadmin !%admin
			ulx unstrip	=	!%owner !%superadmin !%admin
			ulx cloak	=	!%owner !%superadmin !%admin
			2	=	ulx ungag !%owner !%superadmin !%admin
			ulx noclip	=	!%owner !%superadmin !%admin
			ulx freeze	=	!%owner !%superadmin !%admin
			ulx unigniteall	=	!%owner !%superadmin !%admin
			ulx gag	=	!%owner !%superadmin !%admin
			ulx mute	=	!%owner !%superadmin !%admin
			ulx ragdoll	=	!%owner !%superadmin !%admin
			ulx unignite	=	!%owner !%superadmin !%admin
			ulx strip	=	!%owner !%superadmin !%admin
			ulx kick	=	!%owner !%superadmin !%admin
			ulx blind	=	!%owner !%superadmin !%admin
			ulx ignite	=	!%owner !%superadmin !%admin
			ulx seeasay	=	!%owner !%superadmin !%admin
			1	=	ulx unjail !%owner !%superadmin !%admin
			ulx rocket	=	!%owner !%superadmin !%admin
			ulx ban	=	!%owner !%superadmin !%admin 1~120
			ulx slay	=	!%owner !%superadmin !%admin
		inherit_from	=	respected

ULib.ucl.authed (#=1):
		name	=	-MW- Illuﮱﮔiση
		group	=	respected

Garrysmod default file (#=1):
		buggzie	=	STEAM_0:1:19084184

Active addons on this server:
Adv Duplicator           by TAD2020, version 1.85 (June 28th 2009)
counter-strike           by Valve, version 1 (5th August 2006)
day-of-defeat            by Valve, version 1 (22nd August 2006)
default_sent_pack        by TEAM GARRY, version 1 (3rd December 2006)
derma                    by , version 0.1 (17th July 2007)
hl2_ep2                  by Valve, version 1 (29th October 2007)
portal                   by Valve, version 1 (29th October 2007)
tf2                      by Valve, version 1 (29th October 2007)
ulib                     by Team Ulysses, version 2.4 (00/00/00)
ulx                      by Team Ulysses, version 3.50 SVN (00/00/00)
wire                     by Wire Team, version SVN ((null))
wire model pack 1        by Wire Team, version SVN ((null))
wiremodextras            by Anticept and respective developers, version SVN (3rd June 2008)
zeno_clash               by ACE Team, version 1 (May 8th 2009)

Server prints no errors as well
this is the last thing i saw until i had to manually restart the server in control panel

[21:07:51]Client "Timz0" connected (XXXXXXXXXXXX:27005).
Server crashed

Me restarting it
[21:10:10]New map: gm_flatgrass

logs… prove shit they keep turning off or stops logging at random times…

Starting the Steam Update...
****Don't close this window. If you close this window the update will still be executed on the server****

Stopping the game server...
Game server has been stopped.
Checking bootstrapper version ...
Updating Installation
Checking/Installing 'Team Fortress 2 Dedicated Server' version 56

Checking/Installing 'Base Source Shared Materials' version 8

Checking/Installing 'Base Source Shared Models' version 4

Checking/Installing 'Base Source Shared Sounds' version 4

Checking/Installing 'GarrysMod Content' version 72

HLDS installation up to date
Starting the game server...
Game server has been started.
The Steam update has completed. You may close this window.

My server is up to date as well.

clear server cache.

I’ve cleared logs downloads cache everything now it should be clean. Hopefully it won’t crash again :confused:

Just crashed again so that did nothing.

No idea then.

Servers crashing as soon as someone connects is generally an exploit - an intended crash.

Nope. Normally too much lua.

The join crashes indeed, i keep having to rinse out my server regularly since i keep adding shit, and the lua overflows arrive.

i cleaned my lua cache and it had 737 dua files after restart so i dont think my server has to many lua files

737 should be fine, over a thousand is bad.

737 Lua scripts. Restarted server showed the same thing.

I’ve reinstalled the server twice so i really am sick of doing that again and again if it aint going to help

Uploading PHX3 is a pain in the ass so is wiremod.

Anyways i may include that i have added all my lua addons like Simple Prop Protection etc to the garrysmod folder instead of the actual addons folder. If that makes a difference please tell me.

It doesn’t make a difference.

Ignore this post

I found that i had too much stuff installed in my addons. For some odd reason, this stops me from doing ANYTHING related to multiplayer. After a gmod clean, i was left without any of my files, but however i could still operate in multiplayer.
My advice: remove your derma (unless you haven’t put in any new skins) and remove portal and Zeno Clash. Neither of these are particularly useful in multiplayer.

FIXED: Solution!

Make everything in addons clean make sure everything is in the same place as it should be.
Degraded to ULX 3.40 & ULIB 2.30
Got rid of drug mod
Uped the FPS max to 3000 now im getting avarage 600 - 700 FPS on the server
Uped the tickrate to 66

Now the server had been spammed with 700 Massive Containers and all i got was lag. The server stood like a iron man.

Active addons on this server:
Admin keypad cracker by |ERP| Enzo, version 1 (9th July 2009)
admin punch by , version V1 ((null))
Adv Duplicator by TAD2020, version 1.85 (June 28th 2009)
advanced spawner by Mr. Accident, version 1 (July 8 2009)
Anti-NoClip by RabidToaster, version 2 (24th January 2007)
Buoyancy Tool by RabidToaster, version 1.1 (4th May 2008)
Buoyancy Tool - Wire by RabidToaster, version 1 (4th May 2008)
Conna’s Tools Pack by Conna, version 1.3999 ((null))
counter-strike by Valve, version 1 (5th August 2006)
CSS Realistic Weapons 4.0 by WORSHIPPER, version 4 (13th February 2008)
day-of-defeat by Valve, version 1 (22nd August 2006)
default_sent_pack by TEAM GARRY, version 1 (3rd December 2006)
derma by , version 0.1 (17th July 2007)
DoorSTool by High6, version v1.6b (December 19th 2006)
EasyPrecision by hunter, version 0.9a ((null))
Fin2 by Q42 + Tad2020, version 1.2999 (lol)
HAAX_Swep by Original by Kwigg, modified by NECROSSIn, version 1.2 ()
hl2_ep2 by Valve, version 1 (29th October 2007)
keypad by Robbis_1 (aka Killer HAHA), version 1.3999 (25th February 2008)
mobile_spawn_v2 by EsikOner, version 2 ()
No collide world by Panthera Tigris, version 1 (6 october 2007)
no_collide_multi by Narkaleptic, version 1.1 (December 19th 2006)
Nuke Pack 4 by Nuke and TNT by Teta_Bonita, Atomic Bomb by Doomsday, Model Changes by Sgt.Napalm, RayFanMan (RayFan9876) and Hamster, Entities list and Spawn Icons by Sgt.Napalm and RayFanMan (RayFan9876), Nuke_effect_air, nuke_var_inits and nuke_blastwave changes by RayFanMan (RayFan9876), version 4 ()
ParentbyNano by Nanospork (Skyhawk on FP), version 0.55 (30th May 2009)
phx3 by PhoeniX-Storms, 1/4 Life, hunter, joebloom, scragnog, x-quake, Xeon133, Squad, PelPix, Stigern, version SVN (20th May 2008)
Player possessor by (FPtje) Falco, version 1.5 (yesterday)
portal by Valve, version 1 (29th October 2007)
raveball by _Kilburn, version 0.8999 (12 December 2007)
Real Snowball Swep by NECROSSIN, version (13/12/2009)
Simple Prop Protection by Spacetech, version SVN ()
smartsnap by Syranide, version 0.9.5 ()
Smart_Constraint by Spacetech, version 1.2.2 ()
smart_welding by Duncan Stead, version 2.0999 (7th August 2007)
spawnpoint by DarKSunrise, version 1 ((null))
Stacker STool by -, version 2.2 (19th January 2007)
sui_scoreboard_modified_v2 by Suicidal.Banana/BMCha/tascrafts, version ? ()
Super Parent multi by Noswear, version 1 ()
tf2 by Valve, version 1 (29th October 2007)
TOOL_stacker_adv by manJak, version 1 (18th July 2009)
ULib by Team Ulysses, version 2.2999 (00/00/00)
ulx by Team Ulysses, version 3.4 (00/00/00)
Unbreakable by Chaussette™, version 1.1 (28th January 2007)
UnoLimited by Team Ulysses modified Garry’s code, version 1.1 (02/10/2009)
UTeam by , version V1.1 ((null))
UTime by Megiddo (Team Ulysses), version 1.2999 (05/16/08)
WeightSTool by Spoco, version 1.21 ((null))
wire by Wire Team, version SVN ((null))
wire extras by Anticept and respective developers, version SVN (3rd June 2008)
wire model pack 1 by Wire Team, version SVN ((null))
Youtube Player by I am McLovin, version 2 ()
zeno_clash by ACE Team, version 1 (May 8th 2009)

Total LUA Scripts running: 697

FPS Proof:
17:09:41 CPU In Out Uptime Users FPS Players
0.00 0.00 0.00 1 0 797.53 0

What the hell are you talking about? They get recreated by the GCF as soon as you launch GMod.

they will not be if you make empty files and set them to read only

I lol’d at the iron man part.