Random Server Lag in Gmod (HORRIBLE)

Okay, so, hello guys.

Well, in Garry’s Mod, I’m having horrible terrible lag spikes in online servers.
I’m not having any lag whatsoever when I enter single player, but I’m lagging like poo online.
I know it isn’t my internet, because this has been happening for the past few days and I have restarted my router, computer, and eve re installed Steam and Gmod many many times to try to fix the problem, and it hasn’t been fixed yet.

There has been no “Script Errors”, but a few errors in textures after I reinstalled the game. The lag issue still also occurs. Even worse actually.
So bad that it is literally impossible for me to play the game.
I’ve also turned all my settings to “Low” and they’ve always been on low.
This didn’t start happening until about 3 days ago.
I have had no changes to my computer either.
I also know that this is not my Internet, because I can connect to my internet fine on any other game, browser, etc. And Gmod was working perfectly fine for me a few days ago.

However, below I will list my system and the console script when I join a server:

Model: Dell Laptop
OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core i5
Type: 64-bit
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 3000

Console When Join:

All help and comments appreciated.
VeryDizzy [SuchMichael]

net_graph 3 in console
post results please when playing online

What do you mean?
And that is the console when I join an online server.
Do I need to do something else?

Net_graph shows a graph or meter as to what’s going on when you’re playing offline and online.

And yes Net_graph in the console whilst you’re on a online server. It’s is not considered a cheat so no need for sv_cheats 1 to be enabled.

Here’s the results I got from it so far, let me know if more is needed.

If you’re using wireless to play GMod on don’t. First tip.

Secondly as the images describe you’re ping is really bad and packet loss and choke is happening which equates to your huge lag spikes as you’re describing.

Try using ethernet instead of wireless and make sure you aren’t downloading either. Otherwise it’s an ISP issue so raise a fault and describe what’s happening.

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if your ISP doesn’t see an issue on their side then it’s your network configuration and when I mean by that I mean shitty modem/router and shitty wires or just a shitty connection

forgot to add

Damn it. Kind of what I was in denial about. Well, time to cuss out the ISP :slight_smile:
Nothing around the house is downloading and that server I found that I was playing on had the lowest ping for me last week, so you’re right, the ISP is to blame. I’ll make sure to try to play on a desktop from now on and cuss them out.

But also make sure you try online gameplay on a wired Ethernet connection before you blame the ISP.

Alright, I will.