Random server lag, pls help


This could be caused by all the addons you have.

The server I play frequently lagged like hell and people crashed with pointshop 2 and all the add-ons to go with it, try to get rid of some addons and see if that helps. If not, could be your provider of the server.

currently we only use pshop 2 for gun loadouts, we dont let players wear hats and shit
we have a few player models for donators but they are very few
I figure if it was pshop2 people would be bitching on scriptfodder about it

it only started a month or two ago and Ive tried deleting a few things but nothing seems to help

Are you renting a game server or vps from nfo? Or just a website host from them?

just regular shared game hosting with control panel
not a vps
i have no access to OS

Pointshop2, ulx, pac3, and Hatschat are all very heavy addons. Around what was the player count in that video? Also what is your tickrate?