Random Star Wars battle scene.

I heard this is the place to come to for constructive criticism.

I’ve been creating the odd pose here and there for a while now so I’m rather experienced (but not necessarily good… :S) with all matters in-game but today I decided to try my hand at editing so I… spent several hours creating an overly complicated pose to work on… As far as the editing goes, the muzzle flashes, smoke and blaster shots were created in fireworks (terrible, I know) and everything else was made in-game.


Did you set the JPEG quality to 100??

Screenshot Quality is set to 90, what is the command to set it to 100?

You can set it to 100 under the settings tab in the Q menu.
Anyway, the lasers on the battlefield look pretty good but I don’t think the ships fired red and blue lasers, they kinda look like confetti. Good posing.

Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind for next time!

Not gonna lie.

I like it. The only things that need to be improved have already been pointed out.

The way the lasers “glow” looks damn weird. They have dark outlines.