Random stucking

2 days ago when the server I play on (Amsterdam III) started to get very laggy I’ve got for the first time a wierd random stuck. I got stucked in one place without any chance to move, not even after waiting a couple of minutes or jumping and WASD. Since then i kept getting some of this stucks at random moments in random spots. It did not bothered me much as I could disconnect and reconnect back to the server and after that everything went smoothly. But today the stuck happened while I was at the entrance of a rad-tawn. So just imagine the awkward situation I’ve been put in to… I had a Thompson on me and I also scared away some nakeds but of course that they knew the exact moment I disconnected myself and when I got back on a noob was near me laughing because he got all my shiz, he gaved me an apple back though…
It seems I’m not the only one with this issue. Does someone know the reason or a solution?

It’s one of anti-noclip measures which is fucked up now.