Random Stutter on High End Machine

First of all I have an AMD 290X and an i7 overclocked to 5 Ghz a core. I don’t lag in any other games nor do I have this issue. I am running Rust and every other game I play at 2560x1440. I am using the newest catalyst drivers; AMD Catalyst 13.12 WHQL.
My sound is a Creative X-Fi Platinum PCI sound card.

Here is the issue:
The game randomly stutters about every 30 seconds to a minute, for about 2 seconds. It happens even if I am hitting a tree or rock or if I’m moving it. It seems completely random. I have tried low ping servers and empty servers and it still happens, sometimes less often.
It is so bad I usually can’t get into fights other players without dying.

Someone please help me try to resolve this. It makes the game unplayable

I have had this issue aswell, the only thing so far that fixes it for many people is disabling realtek sound drivers, sadly i dont have them on my computer so i have no idea.
I do know the dev’s will never answer this question though because they seem to ignore all threads related to this. playing bf4 on ultra with 50+ fps and unable to play rust on lowest settings is kind of stupid.

It’s not your hardware, it’s the 3D engine
I have the same issue, tried empty server with low ping etc …
Running Catalyst 13.2 helped me a little

Well I just disabled my sound card in the Device Manager and the problem almost completely went away. So it is sound driver related
Again I have an X-Fi Fatality Platinum PCI sound card and not Realtek. I am using the following Windows 8.1 (x64) drivers for the sound card: http://support.creative.com/Downloads/searchdownloads.aspx?filename=SBXF_PCDRV_L11_2_18_0015A.exe

Any suggestions on how I can get sound working without the random stuttering?

What i7 did you get to a 5Ghz stable clock and with what voltages? That’s a pretty big clock frequency for a gaming machine :v

Sounds driver issue, I’ve had this, fixed it via: removing all sound drivers, restarting, then reinstalling… but it f’ed up my mic. So I messed with the driver version, and the stutter lag came back again.

It was either no mic, or no stutter lag. I chose the mic.

Does the stutter happen when you’re walking around or idle?

Only when I am doing anything that has to do with making sounds does this happen.

My way of recreating is below:
-Change weapons, run around, hit stuff with my rock, shooting
-However if there is a camp fire/furnace going it can also happen

-HOWEVER, if I’m standing still by no fire, or nobody walking around creating noise… it’s flawless, no stutter


I can also copy paste the errors I’m getting in the Console interface if you want.

Something I noticed about this random stutter when I move around the map it always happens at certain places. In fact, i can walk forward and back about 1 foot and keep getting the stutter. Later I discovered it is buildings loading in the distance.

Now that I think about it, I should dig and see if there is a consol command to always load distant buildings.

I usually only stutter when rubber banding caused by server lag. If you only get stutters on Rust and not any other game then yeah the problem is likely not to be your overclocking.

Its an issue that a lot of users have had, it’s literally like the game freezes for a few moments, then continues (I don’t believe he’s referring to rubberbanding, where you get flung back to the previous coordinated you where at a few moments ago/mad powersquats due to server/player latency)

I’ve seen a few threads in the past about this, used their tips, and temporarily fixed my issue (as well as a few others).
So I’m extremely sure it has to do with Realtek Audio drivers, or some conflicting audio drivers.

This is the problem i have but on a much more constant basis which makes the game very unplayable, it’s a shame because i do enjoy the game a lot, but unable to pvp is a huge downer.

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Ok i finally decided to get off my arse and fix this problem once and for all considering not everyone has it, so after much playing about i have fixed the problem!!!

I disable the AMD/ATI high definition audio drivers that come with the catalyst driver package and then found a way on google to disable my computer from reinstalling the drivers after a reboot, it took a bit of messing around but now my game runs 1000000000000000000000% smoother since i done this.
For anyone with ati cards check your sound devices in the device manager and make sure you dont have 2 sound drivers installed (if you have stutter issues)
Also i have a logitech g930 and its only audio device i left installed.

My issue turns out to be with the mic. If I disable my mic I don’t get the lag. But that is almost as crippling as the lag. It’s very difficult to tell someone you’re a friendly when you have no mic.
I think this is because my mic is a USB mic so the system sees it as a separate sound device. Has anyone found a fix for this issue?