Random Stuttering?

I was wondering if anyone experienced random stuttering while playing and maybe had a fix? I can play for 15-20 seconds then I get a 1 second stutter where everything freezes up.

I experience the same thing. I can make the stutter happen by turning my head left and right while standing in certain locations. Sometimes it will happen while I am in a field and about to shoot a mutant who is 10 meters away then the stutter happens and he is instantly in my facing punching my guts out.

Same here, it seems every time I get jumped by another player it happens too. I’m a sucker and still playing, love it that much, but the stutters ugh lol. I don’t remember where I read it but it said that it’s possibly related to Realtek Stereo drivers so I disabled my Realtek hardware, rebooted, and it was gone. The problem is that sound is very important and now I can’t use VoIP or anything…

No other ideas on this one? I can’t find this bug in their development tracker and wanted to know if this is a well known issue or what?

This is extremely annoying, specially in the rad towns it’s horrible there.

It freezes when you render player made buildings,they are working on fixing it.