Random Tales about Garry's Mod RP

I am not sure what kind of stories people would like to see, but I have hundreds if not thousands of stories from Fearless and other RP communities. Ranging from simple contrabusts to dramatic epics involving several clans fighting over simple things like strips clubs and casinos.

We should also maybe have people post their own stories in this thread.

Seriously, if anyone has a story about Garry’s Mod RP or otherwise that they can turn into a really lengthy tale, or just make something fun out of something that could be as small as a fun contra raid, do it.

Holy shit he actually did the thread and I’m so happy right now.
I’m waiting on your stories, Mister Veteran.

Please feel free to go into my Garry’s Mod screenshots, and pick a few and ask for the stories regarding them.

Might as well ask while I’m here. Any plans on finishing or even continuing DoomForts?

To stay on topic, might as well add to the “Request a story” thread.
I wanna know the story behind this:

If you don’t mind, lets turn this into an rp stories thread. If you do mind then I will move this to a separate thread.

Here is an experimental thing. I have a story of a character from a serious rp server. He had a lot of interesting events happening to him.

I will write the story. Below is a piece of it, mostly the introduction to the world. If at least one person reads it and says it’s worth to continue - I will.


do any of you ever remember seeing this helicopter around before?

I made it shortly after I started playing gmod out of wire gates and stuff, and named it the ROFLcopter. One day I sold it to someone else on a BuildRP server for 10000 bucks
After a month I started seeing it used by a lot of people on the server, to the point where there could be as many as 10 of them at a time. The lag caused by people not parenting it was so bad that eventually the community (Sn1pe BuildRP, now dead) banned its use.

Later I started seeing it in other servers too, Even EGI (the original Build to Kill, also defunct now), and by the end of the year it had almost become ubiquitous.
Hell, to this fucking day I still see some people spawning it in, even after the gmod 13 update.

I stopped writing DoomForts namely because I thought people didn’t like the whole topic of video game novels, as well as the fact that some topics would probably have people scratching their heads and saying, “Dude. It’s a fucking game”

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Please do post more stories like this, as much as I love talking about my own tales, it really gives a new spice to hear other people’s tales and such.

This was back in the original PERP a few years ago with either Pulsar Effect or Voltage Gaming. I’m no good storyteller but here’s the best I can do:

Again, I’m not good with telling stories, but that’s the story of the life and death of a PERP dictator.

Christ man, that sounds like a horror story. I have never personally been lined up against a wall, but I have defiantly executed quiet a few civis in my day, namely people involved in MU’s. Silence, though… Is something I am well acquainted with. It’s hard to make this not sound dramatic, but something about the utter-silence after a gun battle with a group of players feels weird. You have like five seconds of clarity where no one is issuing orders, calling out enemies, or doing anything… You all are just there silently looking at the kills you have made, either thinking of what to do next, or contemplating what you have done.
The next minute is also pretty weird, if you know you were doing something that ran the gray line, you begin to question yourself in your mind, and have to wonder if the people you are fighting with are thinking the same things to themselves.

How to take over an entire server as the mafia:

Part 1 of 2

Should I continue the story? Its really long, and I dunno if anyone want’s to see the rest.^

No one is judging man. Keep posting. I like where this story is going personally!

While you guys are coming up with dystopian novels, I’m taking the high road, baby.

Back on ExiledServers, I was driving my hummer along the rooftops of all the buildings in the city and eventually made my way to the top of Nexus. (the biggest building in the map) I accidentally fell off and landed directly onto the mayor. I also exploded.


that’s what he gets for forgetting his umbrella

Have I ever told you guys how much I love the hitman job?

I just love it. There’s another one where I become the mayor’s bodyguard and get banned for NLR for the dumbest reason. If you want me to tell it, that is.

This game can be played by two.
This one time I was just setting up a office for myself (I was a Medic), when two Barneys (= thieves because, y’know, thief model is usually Barney?) barged in and asked for heals.
I just ICly calmly healed one of them while other was at door shooting someone with silenced pistol and getting shot in a couple of seconds.
The thief thanked me and ignored my remark on the fact that he didn’t pay at all, and last thing I saw was he getting fucked up by bullets only in a second after leaving the building.
I never figured out who killed them.


Guys shit if you are gonna write long pieces of text format it properly, it’s completely unreadable without proper paragraphing and shit