Random throwing knives.

I was inspired by mw2. I love throwing knives in that game.


Want to see something cool?

Ok watch.

What am I watching?

Just wait.

Did you hear something?

Must just be the wind.

Its poorly executed I think but hey… it works.

Tell me what you think

It’s funny. I actually like it, but you should have turned it into a small comic. Some dialogue here and there, you know.

It made me chuckle even if I havent played MW2… Ahh I dream about the day my pc can run that game lol.
Simple but as you said it kinda works.

There are so many vids on youtube of this. Have a funny.

Yay I got 3 posts already.

Haha… brilliant
have a funny :stuck_out_tongue:

We don’t love throwing knives :argh:
Rated funny :smiley:

I honestly do love them. Of-course I have never seen a over the map random lolz throw before in-person but I do play a lot of HC S&D and have gotten some funny throwing knife kills.

why do my threads die so fast :c

Over the map semi-random throw.

seen it.

Flying spy knife!

made me lol

did my pose make you lol?