Random unexplainable crashes


My server has recently had a boost in players and for some reason I’m getting completely random crashes with no LUA erorrs happening. The SRCDS process instantly shuts down and restarts.
The server is run on a quadcore, 16gb ram and has plenty of hardware capable of running it.

The only thing I get is some crash dumps which I can’t do anything with. I have a few ones from a few days ago.

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Can anyone see anything that can determine what’s causing my server’s to crash?


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Crash reason: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION_READ Crash address: 0xf2554d7

StreamType ExceptionStream Location: DataSize 168 RVA 428 DirectoryData: ThreadId 3668 __alignment 0 MINIDUMP_EXCEPTION: ExceptionCode EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION ExceptionFlags EXCEPTION_CONTINUABLE ExceptionRecord 0 RelatedExceptionRecord None ExceptionAddress 1733534667 NumberParameters 2 __unusedAlignment 0 0 254104791 ThreadContext: DataSize 0 RVA 0

Add -dev or -developer to the startup.

One or the other will spit out a bit more output to the console but might help you find out what the cause is.

Running -dev and -condebug to see if I can catch any information. Thanks.

These are all still the SlerpBones/BoneSetup/TestHitboxes crashes which are caused by the traceline/firebullets change that allowed them to hit hitboxes outside of the player hull.

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We don’t know what exactly causes them, so we don’t have a way to reproduce it and subsequently properly fix it.

So I should look for over-complicated hitbox’s on models?

Does this one look overcomplicated? The rest of the models I use are pretty standard.

Try temporarily removing those from use on your server and see if it fixes the crashes.