Random Unmovable/Non-Interact-able Model

There is a car model that is showing up as nothing, frozen, and unable to interact with sitting in the map. It has been their forever and I have no idea how to get rid of it. I don’t even have the TDM add-on on my server anymore nor the data. How would I get rid of this? Would it be the map graph?

It’s probably set as persistent. Right Click it and disable persistence.

You can’t right click an error though :v:

If it is a missing model on the server.

It is literally nothingness. When it is not an error, the phys-gun goes right through and it is just there. It doesnt pose any major issue for my server, it is just ugly and a bad material.

ent_remove_all prop_vehicle_jeep as a last alternative. Will bork all the other vehicles on the server so make sure everything is clear