Random Weapons

I want to make players who join cop (yes I’m using gag DarkRP!) to get a random handgun, how do I make it pick a random weapon out of a list in the AddExtraTeam code?

Not gonna try and dive into DarkRP code, but here’s generally how you do it:

local t = {} – table “t” would be your list of random weapons in this case
ply:Give(t[math.random(1,#t)]); – ply is your player to give it to[/lua]

ANybody know how to do this in Darkrp?

You would have to modify abit of the sourcecode, so it doesn’t error out when it finds its a table in the list of weapons it should give. I think this is more of a request than a question, since you don’t seem to know any lua, or you just haven’t tried.

local default_weps = {“weapon_physcannon”,“weapon_physgun”}
local white_classes = {TEAM_POLICE}
timer.Create(ply:UniqueID()…"_resetweps", .5, 0, function()
if ply:Alive() && RPExtraTeams && RPExtraTeams[ply:Team] && RPExtraTeams[ply:Team].Weapons then
if not table.HasValue(black_classes,ply:Team()) then return end
for a,b in pairs(default_weps) do ply:Give(b) end

Untested put in init.lua or any serverside file.
If it errors just post here and I will fix.

where do I put the possible weapons? Do I do what the first guy said, but this will make it work in darkRP?

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I thought I was in the request section.

What the hell are you going on about about?
OP wants a random handgun to be given to a cop. (examples: p228, fiveseven)

Anyways, here’s my shot at this. (Commented + Easily Customizable)

hook.Add(“PlayerSpawn”, “AddRandomHandgun”, function(pl) – PlayerSpawn when the player (re)spawns, do this check.
local teamgetting = { “TEAM_POLICE” } – Customizable, that’s why.
local handgun = { “weapon_fiveseven”, “weapon_p228” } – You can add weapons easier this way.
if table.HasValue(teamgetting, pl:Team()) then – Check if player spawning is a cp, don’t allow other teams to have this!
pl:Give(table.Random(handgun)) – randomly give cop a weapon from above
else return – Don’t need this else, I just like it.
end – end the if
end) – end the hook.

Sorry if I’m wrong, at least I tried. Oh, and it actually doesn’t matter where you put this. Technically. (I suggest darkrp\gamemode\init.lua, darkrp\gamemode\main.lua, lua\autorun\server)

I misread his post but either way he could easily modify it to where it worked that way.

In the teamgetting table you would have TEAM_POLICE not “TEAM_POLICE”

no it should be “” beacuse that’s a string, and if you do TEAM_POLICE i would think i was something like
local TEAM_POLICE = 8

No look at my example, it is not a string in the table.

You would do TEAM_POLICE.Name = “8” or whatever. Its like Player or ply, you can do player.MyVal = “lol?” etc.

Will Dereks work? Or what do I have to do? (If it does that is awesome.)

local random_weps = {}
random_weps[2]={“Five Seven”, “weapon_fiveseven”}

local white_classes = {TEAM_POLICE}
if ply:Alive() && RPExtraTeams && RPExtraTeams[ply:Team] && RPExtraTeams[ply:Team].Weapons then
    if not table.HasValue(white_classes,ply:Team()) then return end
	local r = table.Random(random_weps)
	Notify(ply,1,4,"You're department has issued you a "..r[1])


Tested and working.
Put in any serverside file located in the DarkRP folder(init.lua).

THANK YOU. Also I like the "You’re department has issued you a " and it’s easy to customize.

“You are department has issued you a…”… What…

Note: it’s better that you use the PlayerLoadout hook in order to minimize conflicting scripts.

hook.Add( “OnPlayerChangedTeam”, “giverandomweapon”, function( ply, oldteam, newteam )
local allowedweapons = {
if team.GetName(newteam) == TEAM_POLICE then
local chosenweapon = table.Random(allowedweapons)
Notify(ply,1,4,"Your department has issued you a "…chosenweapon)

I’m learning lua, please give me feedback

^ Wont run when the player respawns.

Lol derp -_-, just noticed lol… also yours wont run if respawning after changing classes is off