Random white lines in l4d hospital map for garrys mod?

I’m kinda having a problem on the l4d hospital, it’s giving me weird lines that i don’t know how to get rid of and i’m wondering if any one knows how to get rid of them.




Looks a bit like a kind of missing texture. Reminds me of wireframe.

How the hell did you get l4d maps in garrys mod?

You need a copy of L4D. But i got my textures from my friends and i used gcf or how ever it is but gcfscape and undid all the vpk’s and got the textures. And i don’t believe i’m missing textures cause i have all of them

Also if you want to know how to get l4d maps into gmod then go to this thread.


This fix was in the OP of the map

Thank you very much