Random Wooden Structure Thing, I dunno Request

Ok so I’m making a map of my house irl which I’ve been doing for a while (I procrastinate) and I need someone to make this wooden structure thing for my basement. I tried to find some driftwood/log models in Hammer but they were all too big. Can someone please either make one of these from scratch, or resize and put together some logs/driftwood and recreate this? No big rush. Btw I took the picture with my ipod so it looks fuzzy. The thing is symmetrical and the t.v and the other gizmos are sitting on flat planks (its not makeshift/welfare, it was made by a crafter/artist guy thing person). Don’t bother making the Xbox or the rockband guitar ect. But can someone make the T.V? Because I looked everywhere and can’t find a T.V model that looks like mine, I even looked on GarrysMod.org! :c. Ok thanks.

Sorry for the giant picture :I

Or if you happened to know where I could find something similar to either the wooden thing or the T.V, perhaps you could post a link to it? :o

I accedentally posted this in the main part of models/skins earlier so I hope I don’t get banned for that (won’t let me delete the thread)

talk about bad quality picture :confused:

Ipod camera :I