Random Zombie Spawning

Is there a way to create the sort of thing in the ZombieRP gamemode where it spawns zombies randomly and then stops for a certain period of time(Day time), then starts back up again. I’m just curious if there is a way to do this that isn’t to complicated.

Sure. All you’d need to do is something like this (this is “psuedocode”, which means I’m skipping boring but necessary lines and using simplifications - you can’t just paste this somewhere and expect it to work):
function ZombieSpawner()
if it’s time to spawn zombies
for i, loc in pairs(ZombieSpawnLocations) do
spawn some zombies
timer.Create( “ZombieSpawner”, 1, 0, ZombieSpawner )
You’d need to tell it when it was time to spawn zombies (which you could do with a simple timer or counter), and where to spawn them (a little more tricky, it would be very tough to do automatically, but making a STool to let players designate locations would be simple. Or have them start from player spawning locations, heh).