Random picture I took of a cop…

I couldnt get the hands right…


At least its not an NPC guys :v:


Massive clipping on the guns, flatgrass, low graphics, the shell look really big and the angle doesnt help.

This can be an awesome picture if you fix those details.

Thanks ill remember those tips. :slight_smile: This is only my second picture anyway…

Cool, 3 things that will take you to the top fast.

NEVER use flatgrass.
NEVER have your graphics low, have them on the max your pc can handle.
ALWAYS check that there is no clipping on the pictures, that is a mayor turn off.

I didnt start off making that picture I was just playing around on construct and tyhe I was like “Im gonna pose a picture!” haha

Also How do I make the graphics better?

Go to options on the Gmod menu, then go to video, then click on advanced and try putting your graphics to the max.

But before that, a question:
Is your PC new? or good? or is it a low-end PC? (Old pc or not very good).

[del]Go to the menu, click options, click video, go to advance settings. That is where you graphics options are.[/del]

:ninja:'d by Santz

Windows XP

I mean, the specs of your PC mate…

Go to My PC, right-click, then click on properties, and tell me what it says on the bottom of the window that will appear, it should say something like:

Intel blablabla # GHZ, # GB ram, etc.

Or just type dxdiag in Run.

Also works! Infact, do this.

what a friendly and flameless thread

What’s the world coming to! :Dawkins102:
jk jk, like what they said, a new angle would suit this waaayy better.