Randomized Weapon Mod - RAWM

RAndomized Weapon Mod - **RAWM


What it is:
This mod gives NPC’s a chance to drop special, randomized weapons.

**How does it do it:
**While the basis is simple enough getting it to work was a pain.
Basically it creates a randomized SWEP table dependent on three base tables (The Gun, Prefix, and Suffix)
and then registers a new weapon from that SWEP table.

**What are the chances of finding the different weapons?:**Drop rates are dependent on the type of weapon:
Pistols have a 5% chance to drop
SMGs have a 2% chance to drop
Rifles have a 1% chance to drop

These values may seem low but even still weapons drop quite frequently and
these weapons tend to be pretty powerful from all the extra damage on them
These values also probably aren’t entirely accurate. Computers blow at generating
random numbers so it’s not always going to be exactly that.
Also if an NPC drops a pistol it cannot also drop an SMG or Rifle,
as well as if it drops an SMG it cannot drop a pistol or rifle.

Can I download it anywhere?:
Not yet, I’m not done with it yet.

What are the base Prefixes and Suffixes:
**-Fire - Adds fire damage to each shot
-**Plague - **Poisons target for 5 seconds on successful hit
-**Sonic - **Adds sonic damage and knocks targets back
-**Shock - **Adds shock damage and stuns target for 2 seconds
-**Force - **Adds physgun damage and pulls targets towards you
-**Healing - **Nullifies bullet damage and instead heals target for 5 each hit
-**Rust - **Base weapon damage -5; gives target Tetanus for 5 seconds (DoT effect which also knocks you around a small bit each tick)
-of the Hawk - Accuracy +15%
-**of the Gorilla - **Base Damage +10
-**of Regeneration - **On Hit: +2 Health
**-of the Tormented Soul - **On 2nd Shot Fired: -1 Health
-**of the Fox - **Run Speed +25%
-**of Luck **- 10% Increased chance of finding other Magical Weapons
**-of Righteousness - **+50% Damage to Undead
-of Shielding - +20% Damage Resistance
-of the Tiger - +5 Base Damage, +10% Fire Rate
-of Rage - Fire Rate +25%

**You can only do so much with the prefixes so you’d probably have to have a really
good one for me to add it, but as long as suggestions aren’t too over the top or
overpowered I’ll likely add suffixes mentioned here.

What happened to the pokeballs?

The NPC control for them is too annoying to work with right now.
I may pick it back up later but I’m done with that project for right now.

We need a “of the Tiger” prefix. 5 damage and 10% firerate.

“of Rage” - 25% Firerate (Might be overpowered.)


A “knockdown” suffix.

Have it create a ragdoll and add force to the inverse of their looking-at direction :stuck_out_tongue:

Frost - Slows the target down and has it gradually regain speed

You could make a gamemode for this.

Render the weapon names in a translucent draw hook (ie. PostDrawTranslucentRenderables) please.

-Of the Rhino (Increases target knockback and damage)

I originally had that, but there’s no way to slow NPC’s movement.

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I had been meaning to move the names and make them look a bit better, will do soon.

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What would it do on non-sonic weapons?

could send them airborne

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and possibly inflict falldamage if you send them over a ledge

“degrade” on hit make (insert whatever the hell your shooting here) take 50% more damage from everything?
“blind” on hit make (again) accuracy lower by 50%
“of the persuasive” on hit make ally for X time? i dont know if it would work well or not though

also, this reminds me of something from diablo and oblivion, an rpg kind of element into garrysmod. and not a cheap RP kind of one either, this is amazing

Interesting. Would take a little bit of work but perhaps.

I know you can adjust NPC accuracy but you can’t do anything about a players. Gives me an idea for aprefix though.

Getting NPC relationships to work like that is really tricky and I haven’t been able to do so yet.

also, maybe you could expand the weapon models? use a revolver (if possible with a slightly ancient look to it) that has less ammo and fires slower but also has a higher chance of having magical properties, and makes them stronger? and have a modern weapon with more ammo and fire rate, but less magical effects

I’m not adding any custom models to this. I don’t like tons of custom content and there are enough weapon types as is.

lol understandable, when its released can i (and others) add weapons to it? and other things like that, effects, new models, etc?

What you do with it once you download it is your business, but if you want to re-release it ask me.

Anyone know how to get the text to always draw over the weapon but nothing else >.> When the weapons rotate they clip through the text, but I don’t want to just move the text forward so it doesn’t clip cause that would look strange.

Essentially IgnoreZ but JUST for the weapon entity

Now we just need a Diablo-style gamemode to go along with this and we’re set.

You mean something like Giablo?