Hi, I just got back to my house and logged into rust hoping to play on a new freshly wipe server. When I click on connect to server it comes up with ‘You have been banned from this server’, then I went and checked my steam profile and it says that I have been game banned. I don’t know why it is saying this, I have never used hacks in rust so I do not see why I have been banned. I would appreciate any help I get from anyone on solving this issue. My steam profile is: http://steamcommunity.com/id/blackknightgaming1/



(User was permabanned for this post ("Cheater" - postal))

You’ll have to wait until an EAC staff comes along to confirm your story. If it’s a false positive they unban you, but if not they confirm that it was for cheating/hacking.

A small piece of advice; dont try and complain about legitimate bans. You’ll only get roasted for it, and then subsequently permabanned. Also EAC won’t tell you exactly how they found out you were cheating, so don’t hope to get any info on that count.

Find peace, thou cheat.

Ok, thank you for the advice.


The ban is from a definite cheat detection and is permanent.

For more information please read this: http://faq.easyanticheat.net/content/18/18/en/i_ve-been-banned.html

I don’t understand, is there no way that I can recover my account?

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Can you run another test because I know that I have not cheated.