Randomly lost addons?

Yesterday I went through and downloaded a few new addons for gmod, come on today, an Iv got nothing. Not even the ones I had before… Weird thing is, all the files are still in the addons folder. Anyone got any idea whats going on?

Only thing I can think of is that one of the addons is a fat kid.
Delete everything you DL’d yesterday.

Iv lost all my maps as well, I now only have gm_construct and gm_flatgrass :confused: ill try deleting yesterdays downloads, see if it helps

It sounds like you’ve done something that’s fresh-installed Gmod. Check in “Program Files/Steam/steamapps/username/garrysmod”

If there are 2 folders, one named “garrysmod” and the other named “garrysmodold” or something, delete the “garrysmod” folder and rename the “garrysmodold” folder to just “garrysmod”.

I’ve done the delete local content thing, gone through and downloaded gmod again, done all the svn updates and stuff, and still, not a single addon will work. Startin to get a little annoyed now, my connection isnt exactly the best, and it takes me funkin ages to download them all…

dw guys, iv worked out why its not working now… that piece of shit gmod update bullshit svn thing didnt do jack shit… >___> its filled my addons folder with FOLDERS, but no FILES…

Having the same problem, I got onto gmod yesterday and when I started up gmod again, the addons didn’t load at all, yet I still have them in my addons folder.


I’ve tried verifying game cache integrity, now it just gives me the “this game is currently unavailable” messege.

That happens to me when I try to use SVN. It’s because of my shitty internet, but I can usually get it to work by spamming “SVN UPDATE” over and over.

This happened to me too. ive got a crap load of addons and maps and stuff but nothing works now. the game was working fine, then quit working so i uninstalled then reinstalled it and now nothing ive had downloaded works anymore. including stuff id downloaded post-reinstallation

Well I don’t know what happened, but it’s fixed now, If any other people get the same problem, try verifying game cache integrity on your garrysmod.