Randomocity #2: Camera Man

I had this comic posed and edited since last Thanksgiving. It was not until today that I got around to putting it together into a layout.

Unfortunately, imageshack was going on the frits so I uploaded the pictures to filesmelt. Hopefully it does not melt the quality too much (unlike how Vandal was completely butchered). Speaking of which, those who have been patiently waiting for the second episode of Vandal, are in luck. I completed all the posing for Vandal yesterday. So hopefully I can sit on my butt all day tomorrow editing the shots.

I tried to experiment a little in technique with this comic. I used text size to convey distance between the characters and the ‘camera’, I used multiple colored texts to distinguish who’s who, and I experimented with the overall assortment of the pictures.

I hope you enjoy.










I’m not sure why it automatically puts those white gaps… but whatever.

It’s certainly odd, but I like it. Very dark at the ending.

Never mess with a hormone ridden body which have had unauthorized physical as well as mental changes made to it. In these cases the brain is not in the driving seat.

I liked the editing.

Well that certainly was different, in a good way. I enjoyed it.

I liked the Blair Witch/Cloverfield/Camcorder style you did with it.

Oh wow, when Rastifan posts so does everyone else. I’ma go cry now.

I loved this

Thank you everyone.

People must’ve been asleep. Or he’s a shepard. :smug:

If I am the shepard, I need sheep to rule… I mean tend to.

This has gotta be the best comic Ive seen in a long while :smiley:

Gracias mang.

Got a threadful friend. :smug:

That was hilarious. Great job.

lololol that was awesome. very creative and funny. 10/10