Rane - Oxide|Insta-Craft|Econ|Starter|PvP|Bounties


A realm of cooperative survival clashes with epic combat in this new world that is managed by an active and attentive admin crew that is both respectful, and thoughtful.

This fresh-ish server with hardly any downtime or lag already has a consistent playerbase, but is looking to vastly expand!

Hackers are not tolerated and are caught almost instantly; anyone attempting to exploit the system will also be dealt with according to severity.

Are you tired of servers where everyone shoots first and collects your hard-earned resources second?

Have you ever wanted to craft large structures without the threat of constant invasion or griefing?

Do you like friendly competition in an environment where a sense of balance exists and the players fight to keep the status quo?

Join our server today, and find a reliable place to call home. If you have any questions, submit them here, or talk to “Blownaway”, “Fate”, “Shizleton”, and “LisAwesome” in the server!

Server IP:

Thomas the Chu-Chu!