Ranger in a mystical forest and 2 soldiers on a snowscooter

I wasn’t gonna post these two, because I didn’t feel they were good enough for an own thread.
But what the hey, atleast it’s just one thread :v:




original: http://filesmelt.com/dl/gm_alpinestruct00031.jpg

Please C&C!
(Not you goldenbullet, you can get out of my thread)

there shouldn’t be a muzzle flas on the guy’s gun. It’s a colt 1911, so even if it is auto matic, It just doesn’t create enough gas to make the gun spit fire like that. other than that it’s pretty good

Very nice posing and editing on both of them, tho the posing on the soldier on the back of the scooter kinda bugs me. Shouldn’t he lean towards the guy infront of him and hang on to him for dear life? :v:

Hmm yeah probably :v:

Think we can go past the old fighting and start a new chapter? Sorry for acting like a immature dick head (I can lose my temper sometimes, sadly)

Great light effect on the first pic :smiley:

Sounds good to me, I guess I was a little mean aswell >.>


Didn’t know that, I’ll keep that in mind.

cool lightning in the first.
The snow looks wierd in the second

Well, you called every Swede “dumber than a bag of door-knobs”, so yeah, just alittle :v:

The one with the ranger in the forest is excellent.

The first one is sexy, the lights and the pose are awesome, but there is a very small but noticeable green outline on the ranger’s contour, probably from the isolation.

Hey Hairy in the first one is he that face posable like that or did you edit/hack it?

He’s faceposable. I’m pretty sure it’s the mage head from dark messiah

nice, gonna use him alot, love the fantasy stuff

Hello to you too. :buddy:



I just noticed something funny in the 2nd picture… Their feet are in the middle of the snow scooter, like dangling down by that belt thingie… >.>

Lol Snow scooter, never heard that one before.
Anyways. The first one is awesome, love the glow. But I don’t like the showing of the accurate medieval dental hygiene.
Second one is pretty good, I just don’t like the outlines on the trees, seems a bit “Boarderlands-ish”

Whats with his hand.


Check the originals, It’s not an outline on the tree it’s just parts that aren’t covered in snow.