Ranger meet up with 101st airborne in Ramelle

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rate and comment!

And oops I forgot to face pose :slight_smile:

Kinda bland, boring if you will. Fingerposing is decent. And yes, faceposing is a big part in screenshots. It look like the guy holding up the gun isn’t letting him pass or something, or that he’s kinda angry. Probably because the ranger isn’t even looking at him. Pretty decent, but should’ve thought it out more to make it more interesting and detailed.

I’m not trying to crack down on you or anything, I’m just giving my point of criticism.

Why is the guy holding his gun so straight up? Should of made it so its more relaxed

I know you dont want to crack me down and yeah this was a 20 minutes pose thats not very long but i was a little bit tired (0


I have actually no clou just posed it like that

Rangers didn’t meet up with the 101st in Ramelle.

did you watch Saving Private Ryan? Yeah in the real war they didn`t meet up in ramelle but its saving private ryan style :slight_smile:

Only in Saving Private Ryan.

Well, the screenshot is rather empy, a couple of more people would do.

The bridges at Ramelle were actually an objective of the 82nd Airborne, not the 101st. Don’t use Saving Private Ryan as a historical reference.

Ow well didn`t knew that, but i said its saving private ryan style :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

You already readed my post before i could edit it :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink:

There should’ve been more soldiers. It’s rather empty.

TIRED!!! GNNNNSSSHHHHBLLLL <inaudible> fhsdfgvuig



Who the fuck cares, you history nazi.

I just believe that if you are going to do something, you may as well do it right.

I agree but its stil saving private ryan style and there is no 82nd airborne model or something like that.

That’s okay. Now that I know you are trying to emulate a scene from the film I’m okay with the historical inaccuracies because they’re not yours.

Map please.

You know what? I like it, historical accuracy or lack-thereof

rnl_ramelle_b2c I think.


Your damn right :slight_smile:

i found alot of RNL maps on the RNL forums a few hours ago after seeing this.
This map too.