Ranger Shooting Insurgent

Soldier 1 (camera) : you think this is dude who shot the convoy earlier?

Soldier 2 (shooter) : I dont know…fuck it “bam”


posing looks fine but the bloom is horrible. the muzzleflash looks pretty good but the blood looks really weird.

I agree with the bloom and the blood. Everything else looks alright, though.

Look at his helmet.
I’m pretty sure that soldier would face some karma or charges, can’t kill everyone though.
But the rest is just fine, well except the blood as stated before.

blood looks painted on the screen, bloom is pretty bad
muzzle is ok and posing looks good

Sort of looks like fire flies are coming out of the barrel.

whats wrong with his helmet?

See the squares?
Maybe it’s an error of ref maps, phong, or just anything that makes it shiny.

I spy a missing normal map.

i guess i didnt see it at first

Is their a fix for it ?

Make one. Don’t ask how, I’m bad at explaining stuff.

What the fuck is wrong with his face?

bloom or not the realism is fantastic

Blood looks wierd, but that wound on his head looks brutal. I like it.

exit wound