Ranger squad battle their way through a Red controlled station

Made another Metro pose… figured I’d post it.

Guy on the left is like
“Awww helll, yeah”

Isn’t everything controlled by Russia in that game

Posing is a bit awkward.
Doesn’t really seem like they are gripping the weapons.

I mean… yes because the game is set in Russia. But the Reds are the big communist faction in the Metro… as opposed to the Fourth Reich and other groups.

Yeeeeeeeeeah… I was working with the can method but had to load a save… they wouldn’t bend all the way after the save so I had to try and edit the hand holds to look better… This is most notable on the guy with the AK-74.

Those gys are walking with soem real swag on

Their faces look really bored, plus the way they are holding their rifles look really awkward.

They aren’t face poseable. And the hands have been mentioned earlier… the weld-to-can method broke when I had to load a save… couldn’t get them to bend.

They’re walking the “haters gonna hate” walk. And somehow they look like that they’re stoned.

‘‘sigh another day, another tunnel.’’