Ranger squads are moving into operation with Humvee.


:stuck_out_tongue: (Plz don’t bother me with my english skill)

Nice job, atleast better than I can do.

It’s… Boring.

Nice editing.

I wonder what a couple of them are doing with night vision gear when its obviously broad daylight.

dont bother everybody who use bad english
that’s me.
anyway you nice

where you get cod4 mw2 models?

nice posing

Nice open hummer model.

I’ve never seen this humvee before. Where is it from, and did it come with a .50 Cal?

I’m pretty sure it’s a Far Cry port from a long time ago.

Yeah, I was wondering, because I have that, but I don’t remember it being like that.

Nah, its from ArmA

Ohhhh nice.

Fucking awesome!

Got not much to say

awesome ddok !

give models

Hehe, uberslug is asking for em now.

Just look in the release section