Rangers and FSB's convoy


armpatch removed

nice blur and smoke, but why so serious?

why not

nice edit and pose

Nice editing, camera angle and pose.

I hate these daft Russian models with their Western gear though, and the silly weapon choices.

It would be too cool to have these models


any way nice pic
I love the shading

Another generic boring guys-standing-around-with-guns-pose.

The pose overall is pretty good though, but the US soldier looks abit… Odd. I can’t lay my finger on it.

The theme… Well, why would the FSB even be in a convoy with the US Army 75th Rangers? They aren’t even a military unit whatsoever, they’re a federal security and law enforcement agency. Which raises another question: If they’re the FSB, why do their tags say MVD? I’d hate to nitpick, but you don’t see the US Drug Enforcement Administration attacking chechen rebels in a joint operation with the Russian airbourne troops. That’s about how silly the theme is.

Oh, and why are they using FAMASs and FN2000s? Those are French and Belgian respectively, not Russian.

You mean models that actually look Russian instead of some assholes wearing western gear and paintball vests? I agree!

Where did you get thos FSB models D:?!?!