Rangers are escaping from burning building.



Looks like they’re jumping into flames rather then escape them

The reaction of the guy on the right O_O

It’s like that fire’s about to shoot him

Something’s very off about this. It might be the angle and the very strange blurring.

I believe it’s the lack of anything really exciting.

Might be the fact that it looks like one of the guys is standing in the fire.

It’s funny how you’ve been here since 05, and I’ve only seen you post shit like that. I bet all of your 76 posts include something pessimistic. Stating that it’s not exciting, with the fact that there is fire and people falling into an unknown building. (Kind of exciting/suspenseful.) That really isn’t constructive criticism. It’s a useless post.

I like the picture, but it’s on construct… at least it looks that way. Either way, the effects and posing is great.

Certainly looks better than anything I could produce.
I don’t like how the guy on the right is standing half-way in the fire.

Brb ganna go jump in fire.


Err… nope.

Sure, it’s a nice fire, but no…
They both are incredibly weird looking, in terms of appearance.
The placement of fires is, honestly, rather poor. Why would he jump into the fire?
The entire right side of the image is empty, boring.

Baptism by fire

why are they the same model

Where did you the two models?