Rangers Of Justice **Clan**

Hello fellow survivors and organized groups. This is the great land where the great elhamer’s men and the forces of evil meet on the battlefield! We fight for glory and honor and spare no bandit. All evil will shake and fall under our might justice rangers. We call ourselves justice ranger because we steal from the rich an poor and give to the other rich aka us. We are 40 strong including us and other alliances. The One great sparky28000 once said “All who crop dust on the rangers of justice will get there shack blown up and their bed destroyed. Beware of these men they will help you and kill you depending on their mood.” This mighty commander rode north on an invisible horse fighting to victory with full kevlar and m4 Halo sight. All will tremble in the sight of our tyranny. Sparky28000 has raised a great army as well as another former soilder called Wake5. Some call him fat, some call him stupid but I think he is a good leader with anger issues. Besides that our teamspeak is filling up so I will be upgrading soon. Long Live the Rangers of Justice!

Beware of the mighty rangers we will bring justice to you.

more like faggots of justice

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - MaxOfS2D))

Why so mad

(User was banned for this post ("Shitposting" - MaxOfS2D))

Mother Fucker you BANNED ME

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Honestly last time I fought you me and a friend were able to 2v6 you, all you do is spray.

Ok buddy more like the opposite you had 6 full kevlar keep lieing :slight_smile:

This is probs the most pathetic thing I have ever seen. get more noobs to join you its more people for us to kill more gear to take :smiley:

I really wonder how many of these shitty clan threads are going to be created in total.


There’s no claim to disagree with in my post.

LOL mardorz. We griefed your house and put ceilings in your stairways. Are you mad?

Well, considering you ban anyone that joins your TeamSpeak, I don’t know why you advertise it.

Lol I don’t remember this probs wasn’t even mine. :S I only just got back after the wipe due to the dupeing kids :)…

Almost there. He’s almost to the dangerous point of saying “u mad?”.

Rangers of Justice? hahahhaha

Okay did you really just try to jack my $vv@q? My name has been Robinhood and I fight with Legolas so get the fuck out of here with your ranger bullshit :dance:

Were you the group of 8 that tried attacking 3 people and I took 5 of your guys out before you guys decided to retreat?

oh wait I just realized RoJ means Rangers of Justice, ok you guys were.

Corey are you paid to flame threads? Seems like it

what the fuck is this shit hahah

Learn what flaming is. You don’t seem to know.

Don’t feel so proud killing our allies who had basic armor on simply gathering resources, before deciding to shoot at you, run to regroup then you have your non skilled buddies camp our spawns on join.

So mature you can argue on a forum like a badass behind a screen, grow up? Goodnight <3

But why would a group of 8 be heading directly to a town simply “gathering”.
also the 5 people I killed all had Kevlar ;D

also I don’t understand “Camp our spawns on join” you came to our town and started attacking.