Rangers on Patrol

Rangers looking for a lost airborne squad. http://filesmelt.com/dl/dod_anzio0009.jpghttp://filesmelt.com/dl/dod_anzio0008.jpg URL=http://filesmelt.com/]



this is my second time

Turn down the bloom.
And did you use SuperDoF or simpleDoF? The whole picture is pretty blurry so I’d think you put the focus to the wrong place.

really blurry

ya it looked fine when i first took it looked fine but when i edited ended up like this


i used super

Did you press render?


Sometimes when the game is laggy you have to press it twice for it to work.

those airborne soldiers advanced like dumbasses towards that MG nest.


and the 101st is definetly not full of green soldiers
they’re trained

then ill fix that