Rank chat icons

Right, so I need a simple custom chatbox with donator, admin and superadmin chat icons. If a player has a rank superadmin, a small icon on the left of his/her name shows up every time he/she types something in the chat. You would see this in Cider, for example.

I tried to figure this out from my gamemode based off cider. I don’t think anyone would do this for free. (unless they were alot more patient than I am)

Its possible very mutch so. The only issue is that you will lose a lot of the current chat box’s functionality, like Copying the text from chat box.(though you could always copy it from console). It would be much easier just to add chat tags or just change the color of the players chat.

What admin mod are you using to define a player as donator?


I think NoXiousNet does something similar, but that chatbox is very advanced(also has markup tags). Exsto might add something similar to this in the future, but even then it’s quite annoying, but possible.