Ranked Armored Player Models


So what I really want to see is a set of player models, fully armored, ranking up by color and design, and I can think of one very basic example, the example I want.

RuneScape. The new RuneScape, RS3, has very detailed sets of armor. So detailed in fact it reminded me of the brutes from Halo 3 and onward. There are Bronze, Iron, Steel, Mithril, Adamant, Runite, and Dragon armor sets that catch my eye specifically.
My personal order and best of preference would be Dragon, Zamorak Rune, Adamant, Steel, Bronze.

This is my request. If any other players wanted any of these armors, or any additional armors, please let me know or post below. As I make this request I outline it as if I were demanding it. I am not, but I feel that makes my own desires most obvious.
Any number, any type of RuneScape armor from the modern version is what I’m really requesting. Hell, if you can make them color-changeable just like the regular player model options that’d be incredible! I believe these could be interesting to use in comics, general poses for humorous images, and why not role play?
I know it is possible to rip the 3D model off of the Java app, or at least I’m 99.99% sure of it. That’d probably be the best way to acquire any such models, but that’s just my recommendation.

If anyone is willing to do this it’d be welcome to much appreciation. Here are some images of the metal variants;

http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/_cb20120708053804/runescape/images/thumb/3/3a/Bronze_armour_set(lg)equipped.png/150px-Bronze_armour_set(lg)_equipped.png[/t] Bronze, [t]http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/_cb20120708053805/runescape/images/thumb/2/23/Iron_armour_set(lg)equipped.png/150px-Iron_armour_set(lg)_equipped.png[/t] Iron, [t]http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/_cb20120708053805/runescape/images/thumb/c/c4/Steel_armour_set(lg)equipped.png/150px-Steel_armour_set(lg)_equipped.png[/t] Steel, [t]http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/_cb20140514123034/runescape/images/thumb/c/c8/Mithril_armour_set(lg)equipped.png/150px-Mithril_armour_set(lg)_equipped.png[/t] Mithril, [t]http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/_cb20140514133810/runescape/images/thumb/f/f3/Adamant_armour_set(lg)equipped.png/150px-Adamant_armour_set(lg)_equipped.png[/t] Adamant, [t]http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/cb20130809185930/runescape/images/thumb/d/d4/Zamorak_armour_set(l).png/150px-Zamorak_armour_set(l).png[/t] Runite (Zamorak), [t]http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/_cb20130505132625/runescape/images/thumb/0/0e/Dragon_plate_armour_set(lg)equipped.png/180px-Dragon_plate_armour_set(lg)_equipped.png

and if no one is up to the challenge I myself wouldn’t mind a few pointers for a way to rip em myself.

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Oops, double post :tinfoil:

It’s amusing to see the overhaul on a game that a large amount of people here probably wasted their childhood on and that’s a pretty good improvement from what I recall it looking like. Still, it’s just a cheesy Java-based MMO. You’d probably be better off shifting parts around on Skyrim models and reskinning them if need be. The Runescape armors may look decent on small scale but once you try to turn them into playermodels, they’re probably going to look like ass. Besides, with the large modding community Bethesda games have, you should have a ridiculously large pool of armors floating around to find just about anything you want and Bethesda games are relatively easy to port from.

I do have Skyrim but oh god I love that Zamorak armor. The reason it looks so much better, it’s a new generation of runescape, there was RSC runescape classic, RS2 the most commonly known one you’re thinking of, and RS3 the modern one. They let you zoom on ridiculously close in this modern version, so the armors look a LOT better at large scale!!!

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A LOT BETTER!!! They even have some relatively small details on them, like the nose bend on the helmet, as well as fins in the back of it, pretty smooth shapes for the rest of the armor, love all the spikes :smiley:

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Albeit, the low ranking armors are atrocious, the higher ranking armors look a lot better! My personal desire is Zamorak armor, the rune armor in the picture above. For the reason I have a need myself, I would need at least 3 more models as well. Maybe just 4 different colors to replace the cyan and/or the lining. I can respect Mithril’s appearance, I support Adamant’s appearance, regular Runite armor is okay but I love the Zamorak version!

Oh, and then there are some variants I forgot!

http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/_cb20120818222102/runescape/images/thumb/5/59/Black_armour_set(lg)equipped.png/211px-Black_armour_set(lg)_equipped.png[/t] Black Armor! [t]http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130813172009/runescape/images/thumb/2/2b/Black_Knight_captain’s_armour_equipped.png/150px-Black_Knight_captain’s_armour_equipped.png[/t] The Black Knight Captain’s Armor [t]http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/_cb20130809185930/runescape/images/thumb/e/e0/Guthix_armour_set(lg)male_equipped.png/100px-Guthix_armour_set(lg)_male_equipped.png[/t] Guthix Armor [t]http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/_cb20130809185930/runescape/images/thumb/d/dd/Saradomin_armour_set(lg)equipped.png/100px-Saradomin_armour_set(lg)_equipped.png[/t] Saradomin Armor [t]http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/_cb20130809185929/runescape/images/thumb/c/c6/Armadyl_armour_set(lg)equipped.png/100px-Armadyl_armour_set(lg)_equipped.png[/t] Armadyl Armor [t]http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/_cb20130809185929/runescape/images/thumb/1/1e/Bandos_armour_set(lg)equipped.png/105px-Bandos_armour_set(lg)_equipped.png[/t] Bandos Armor [t]http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/_cb20130809185929/runescape/images/thumb/6/64/Ancient_armour_set(lg)equipped.png/100px-Ancient_armour_set(lg)_equipped.png
Ancient Armor

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Well, at the same time though the lighting system of RuneScape is nothing like that of the Source Engine…

You know, there’s actually a few armor sets in Vindictus that are fairly similar in appearance to some of those armor sets. Pretty sure something could be thrown together to make something very close to at least a few of those sets in appearance.

What I mean to say is that if all your interested in is the fancy colors and such, you’d probably be better off pulling from a game like Skyrim or Vindictus that have some higher detailed armors and are easy to port from. I’m sure it’s not hard to pull models from Java (for someone who knows what they’re doing) but I doubt anybody’s bothered to pull models from any Runescape before. Even so, these models are basically RTS quality models. Unless you’re planning on making an RTS or using these on a similar small scale, they’re probably not going to look so good when you make them player size.

Again, with the RTS quality… the quality of the modern models is actually considerable. The game lets you zoom in to a considerably close view, and only a few seem to have quality problems.

It’s not just about the colors, the scheme and shapes of the armor stand out to me as well. Maybe something could be mocked up from Skyrim, maybe…

People have ripped models from RuneScape before, just not for source engine use.

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Well hell, I’d be accepting of Halo brute uniforms as well… this runescape armor immediately brought them to my mind when I first put on the full Zamorak set of armor.

Well, you tell me yourself what you think about the modern details. Runescape doesn’t have anti-aliasing unfortunately, so it’s a blocky image. The smoothing is absolute shit, but surely you can imagine it with better smoothing, as it would have if it were ported ( Provide me with a raw file and I can do the rest )

Scaled up like that, when I personally examine the image I see something that would be acceptable with proper smoothing and anti-aliasing.

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And of course that double posted…

Sure the geometry is pretty cool, particularly on that dragon armor, but the textures are just different shades of colors. There’s no real texture to them.

What CaptainBigButt is saying is that they are going to look out of place in Garry’s Mod, unless the environment you’re putting them in is of a similar style.




Alright, well… the new models have a lot more smaller details using those colors though. Perhaps textures could be applied and enhanced to give them more detail, like scrapes, dents, scratches, general metalic appearance, shine, appropriate chain mail lighting, fabric sleeve lighting, relative consistent shadows, etc.?

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The quality could definitely be increased, the appearance of the armor to be of an equal level of quality as when compared to the combine soldier models, simply by using well designed textures. Dirt, grime, and all the others described above would make an extreme difference in quality!

That is possible, yes. However the style & proportions of the armor would look odd with realistic texturing. A stylised but detailed take would be best, but that won’t fit in with the default Garry’s Mod look.

I do like the designs of these armors, but there’s only so much you can do to make them fit in inside of Garry’s Mod. What you want to do is possible, but in the end they will look out of place because they were made in a stylised fashion.

As out of place as a headcrab player model I’ve seen? Miku Hatsune, Haku Yowane, Akita Neru (cartoonish one-color toned doll player model) As out of place as that? Even more? I think not, but all of those models exist!

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In fact, I think I downloaded most of those models, planned for a fun admin option :v:

Is your aim to make good content or to simply not be at the top of the ‘out of place artwork’ list?

Define good content? Provided I figure out this database shit I’m going to apply it within my gamemode. I would need bare minimum 4 armor’s, more than accepting of extra’s. If I got more I could add them in as additional options with different effects. Given the current plans I need four suits, 1 weak suit with some sort of helmet or visor, 1 average suit with helmet or visor, 1 strong suit with helmet or visor, 1 incredible suit with helmet.

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I support other types of armor too as long as there is an element to the face. I do strongly prefer Zamorak armor, but dragon would be well accepted in addition.

I’m not sure you really need to care about ‘the Garry’s Mod look’ and whatnot. Garry’s Mod doesn’t really have an official theme to it, it’s just a sandbox for you to create what you wish, though I do agree that they may stick out at least a little bit if you don’t at least use a similar theme in the maps used and such. In any case, I’m primarily suggesting you go with another game because you may have better luck getting someone to port from Skyrim or Vindictus over Runescape which is probably hardly played by anyone here these days, but you’d also have a chance at tackling the possible visual issues.

Well, it’s nothing that needs to be covered any time soon I suppose, I’ll decide when I absolutely need it.