Rant: Large Groups in Rust

I’m getting tired of seeing groups of tens roaming around wrecking shit. It’s unbalanced and not fun - worse than that, it completely ignores the survival aspect of the game and becomes a shoot em up game much like All Points Bulletin. This can’t even be fixed unless the entire concept of the game changes - which I doubt will be happening anytime soon. Does anyone else feel this way or am I just crazy?

Say what you want about DayZ, about it feels like it is more about survival than Rust. I honestly think Rust is more playable, but DayZ has more potential in the future.


This is pretty much the only thing that seriously threatens this game.

put on kevlar boots, pants, chest, and cloth helmet. approach their group from behind, at an angle, so they don’t notice you approaching. congratulations! you are now disguised amongst their group. there’s so many of them that they won’t realize you’re someone else unless they get close enough to see your name.

now that you’re extremely close and have the element of surprise, throw some grenades, blast them with shotguns, etc… with 2 or 3 people doing this you could kill off all 10 of them, because there would be way too much confusion for them to accurately decipher enemy vs ally.

if you don’t have those kinds of supplies, stay off the beaten path. they’re a very large group, so they’re easy to notice when they come rampaging by.

besides, groups like this make the game fun, since they give the rest of the server a goal: work together to get rid of these assholes stomping all over the server like they own it.

So playing with your friends, threatens this game??

I disagree. Gathering groups together, to work together, is making this game great

That would be awesome if more people had access to kevlar

That is not what I said. I said playing in groups of 10s or 20s threatens the game. No longer about “surviving”

I don’t think you bought Rust for the right reasons. If you like these type of games, play TDM on BF, CS or CoD or play in “police vs criminal” style games like APB, GTA Online, ect

Make friends or lose to people who have made friends.

Making friends is a key point to survival in any realistic survival case I can think of - Besides how in the hell do you propose to outlaw friends playing the game together?

Gosh, how dare a videogame encourage teamwork!
Unbalanced for people with zero social skills or friends!


this happens in every single multiplayer game in the world, incudling dayz

you cant prevent it

get some friends.

Getting near a workbench and using 2 items from Zombies that are killable with a Rock is a high bar to pass to gain access to the exclusive kevlar club?

What do you want - to spawn with it equipped?

i think you have a poor understanding of the game’s direction. here’s a quote from the game’s creator:

I agree this is a problem. Just because, once you get to a group of 10+ c4 becomes a joke to craft. On my current server that was just wiped, within 2 days of server time my house was raided and I counted the use of at least 30 c4, assuming they did it perfectly. This was with minimal airdrops as well. For groups of 3-5 c4 is pretty balanced, but once you get those large communities 15+, every house not in said community is easy to raid. I could care less about large wandering groups, but their ability to make tons of c4 kills servers quickly.

“The only aim in Rust is to survive. To do this you will need to overcome struggles such as hunger, thirst and cold. Build a fire. Build a shelter. Kill animals for meat. Protect yourself from other players. Create alliances with other players and together form a town. Whatever it takes to survive.”

Pretty much any postapocalyptic/survival piece of fiction book or movie involves some large group of bandits picking on individuals. So, do some reading or watch some movies to get some ideas together on what to do. Hint: Form a countergroup.

Heck, if groups weren’t allowed, then luck would be an even factor i.e. who happens to get to c4 first so they can loot all the other individuals.

It doesn’t ignores the survival aspect, it is a part of it.
But I’m sure you would try to survive alone on an island with zombies and other stuff if this would happen to you. :smiley:

This is annoying to deal with right now but when the map actually gets fully developed, it’ll be slightly less annoying because of the vast areas to hide and so forth.

Right now people are literally congregated around one “circular-ish” road. Even the farthest parts that spawn resources aren’t that far from the road and certainly not that hard to find.

I think this will be fixed when the map becomes more expansive and introduces possible caves and so forth…really just the environment needs to be improved.

To the original poster

I think the playstyle of the ‘lone survivor’ can actually be a lot of fun but you have to change your playstyle.

30 metal doors? How big is your base?

Playing solo can be a lot of fun but I’ve discovered through being raided countless times that stealth and several small bases are a lot more effective than one huge base.

In addition, if you are creative there are a lot of ways to hide your items.

Mix up your playstyle, you’ll have a lot more fun! :slight_smile:

This is what I say to everyone.
It’s no matter how strong your base is if you can’t protect it 24/7.
Stealth is everything.

What the hell are you talking about? There’s no Kevlar blueprint by default

You forgot the mention that’s almost impossible to kill a zombie with a rock.