Rape Swep - You know you always kinda wanted to...

This was originally made for one server, but the owner is a huge jack off so I decided to upload it for all the fun and giggles. I also want more people to have fun with it!

This only works when a player uses it on a player, you have to be almost touching that your victim and then hit attack (mouse1).

gemmono2 - First idea of the rape swep
Hergs - Video participation, found lots of the sounds, face posing in the picture, help in testing
Hemirox - Found lots of sounds
Mikey - Video participation
Deathyy - Video participation
Ice Tea - Douchebag that made this
Caerian #SG - Jerk owner of a server I gave the swep too and gave me the intent of releasing it :slight_smile:

Here is a quick and dirty demonstration:

And here is the download link!

Edit October 27th
Just got back on the rape swep… added NPCs capability of being raped and fixed other bothersome bugs.


addon of the year

Ice Tea makes me butt hurt with that swep on a regular basis

zomg diz funny

Perfect for DarkRP.

dear god… i cant resist…

Well, now I’ve seen everything.

4chan on a nutshell


i wish :frog: was still around…

Oh wait!


I love how the OP thinks it’s a general addon.


Hmm, it’s not working for me. The taunt is though.

Oh man those CS radio chatters.

Please post any errors.
I’m not sure what would prevent that…?

You dun has to be near de person you are trying to molest-ate.

“Hang on I’m cumming”

Is there a way to get this to work with npcs?


Brace yourself! Rapists are coming!

My first impression once seeing it on Gmod.org was that it was something stupid, but then I watched the video and thought it was amazing, good show!