Rapid Gaming Server: Fast Fun

Hi, My name is Raul Diaz. I would like to invite all lovers of gmod to my new server. We have fun and i am looking for admins and/or lua coders. If you are interested please add “[RG] Raúl” or “bradruth”. Looking forward to playing with many of you.

Server IP:

Current Gamemode: Trouble in Terrorist Town

Admin Slots available: 3
(2 admin 1 superadmin)

VIP Slots available: 10

Lua Coder Slots available (Higher rank than superadmin): 2

Server website: www.rapidgamingforum.tk


We started this server after losing our previous hoster. We wanted to create a fresh new community that concentrates on player happiness. The reason we need a lua coder is because i’m am currently learning lua but do not understand all of the commands. We want to improve gamemodes or fix them or add our own special flare. We currently have 60+ members in our steam group and im hoping to increase that number. Although you may think “Oh, this is just another crap server” we are not going to be like most other servers where if they have a nice gamemode modification or addon we will not hold it all to our selves. After a small amount of time I would release said addon to the public for all to enjoy. And we all know servers are not free so if you want to donate contact me on steam or though our contact email : rapidgamingcontact@yahoo.com : If you are still reading this I am very glad. :smiley:

We always accept donations thanks :smiley:

Thank you for reading my post and/or joining my server…

Sincerly, Raul.

Note: 1st player to tell me this code will get free VIP and possibility to recieve admin: RDWJGANC :

selling admin = bad

Your selling Co-Owner?

If you ask me Never SELL Admin

Its just an option… Im looking for suggestions thanks for your critic

btw fixed that