[release]A simple little addon that lets players rappel from buildings and similiar things to the ground without injury.


Theres 2 pictures at the download and a video at the bottom of this Post[/release]

Hold USE + WALK and move off a high building and ledge, You can move off Backwards or Forwards.
By WALK, i mean the freakin walk key, not your silly WASD keys.
While rappeling your view is limited to 40 Degrees left and right.
Let go of use while rappeling and press use again to detach yourself from the rappel.
Hold jump while rappeling to decrease slack, making you stop rappeling and be able to turn around 360 degrees.
While holding jump and looking at the wall your rappeling down, You may hold the FORWARD key to climb back up, You will automatically dismount once your high enough to get up the ledge.

Advanced Controls:

Bind a key to +hook
Holding your hook key, While near a wall and facing it, Look at the edge of roof/ledge, The cross will turn green to indicate you can hook onto it.
After you are hooked to the wall, you may start climbing, First HOLD FORWARD and then HOLD JUMP after that. You will start to climb.
While climbing, You can do anything you do naturally while rappeling, Let go of jump to start rappeling down, Hit use to detach.

While climbing a wall, you cannot fire. You must stop climbing to fire your current weapon.
Once you give the rappel more slack (Let go of jump) you will go back to being limited to 40 degree left and right fixes.
You can shoot the attachment part of a rappel (The part attached to the building) to break it, Making the rappeler automatically detach and fall.
(NO, The SUPER high building on gm_construct cannot be rappeled off, Its not a solid brush.)


Fuck yes!

awsome nice job man

Welcome back.

Good release once again!

Artyom, metro 2033? Anyway, nice as always.

Nice idea & work, but is it possible to set a small delay before you can climb up/down? More specifically, not being able to climb until after the holster animation is finished (your gun is gone)? I ask because I am always one for the realism. :stuck_out_tongue:
I would appreciate any code or something for me to edit in (I’m fairly noob at this whole lua thing)

Always been a fan of your work, Great to see you back in action.

Very nice. Seen most of your videos, some great work you make. :slight_smile:

Offtopic but, what model do you use for the player?

Love. You. So. Much.

Nice to see you’re making addons again.

ho-ly fuck

now if we can just find away to break through windows with this
my dreams of becoming a swat in gmod are done

Hmm, I could key the “MOVE BACK” bind to do a trace for a wall, And if it detects one, It would throw you back slightly, then heavily forwards.

Oooh this is awesome!

Maybe if the trace hits a func_breakable or a func_breakable_surf, deal damage to the entity hit by the trace?

Awesome. I’ve been wanting this since I saw it in your video.

Also, it’s nice to see you’re releasing things now. The gmod’s community’s been a bit slow without your constant releases and updates. Glad to have you back.

Dealing damage to it, while its glass would probly be a bad idea, since it would break randomly, Ide rather use a SC bullet to break it at the point of entry.

Im having trouble every single ledge wont work at all it thinks that I can’t use that ledge even the one you used.

Use + Walk, Remeber that.

Also, when you jump theres a 1 second delay before you can rappel again.

I tried use + walk and the advance and I never really rappelled yet because of that bug