raptor searching for pray


C&C please


Unless Raptors were religious.

I like it, great use of lighting.

I’d shit myself. All that darkness.

And barney sits RIGHT under the light and beleives raptor will not see him. Logicless.

its actually my first edit with burn tool in gimp

@Executed Rat

Well if you think about it, there is a window there, the raptor would have to cock its head right on the glass looking down to see him. I dunno about prehistoric reptiles, but I’d find that position quite uncomfortable.

Pretty cool, shit-loads of wasted space though.

They’re not reptiles.

Figure of speech :stuck_out_tongue:

Like calling a seagull or pidgeon a rat with wings.

The window looks like a picture hanging on the wall, but other than that it’s pretty decent.

move a bit to the left or right to get out of the light

Better get the fuck outta the way, Barney. That raptor’s gotta get to Mass!

My life has changed completely.

All that I have been raised to believe in has been swept away.

Dinosaurs aren’t reptiles.

Holy shit.

It’s kinda weird to realize that I’ve been wrong about this subject for my whole life.


i wouldn’t be hiding under a lamp in a dark room.
it’s just stupid…
might as well hide in the dark corners…

fuck thought it was something about me.

the strange thing is why. it is just a lamp in which