Raptors closing in on soldier dude guy

Giving my first shot at editing.


heres the original


lemme know what you think

Nice muzzle flash but the blur looks ruined

i tried the super dof and it worked ok for the raptor in the front but it screws up at far away

Kinda reminds me of Alien 2 :smiley:

But yeah, good posing. If you’re gonna use Standard DOF, rather blur it in Photoshop or make it entirely in Photoshop. Don’t bother using it if not.

And you don’t score points for the muzzle flash, the pose is good but you just pasted that on. The angle its going out looks off and there isn’t enough proof to say its there (eg. Smoke, more light).

Good overall though.

thanks ill try to fix the dof if i use it again and ill work on the lighting.