Raptors vs Dragons, Killing floor: Freakshow (heavy metal), And a Dominated spy

Also a teaser for a project I’m working on.



Tilting the camera ftw

Lol they’re all great.

Thanks for doing my comission, I love it! :dance:

Where do you guys get the model for the dragon? It didn’t come with the npc… I REALLY wanted it…

Also, I like the band one best. The posing is nice, and teh banshee looks halarious.

Lol this is awesome

Yes please.

Female Pyro, mmmm delicous.

great work!


First image is without a doubt the icing on the cake for my ending day.
God bless you.

Nice pics you got there.

Indeed, where did you acquire the dragon at? :open_mouth:

and I can’t wait to see more ^.^

Raptors vs dragons what the hell hahaha

I lol’d so hard at the Killing Floor band

isn’t that the dragon from dark messiah?

Oh the female pyro is so ugly :biggrin:

Lol how random

Aww thanks guys :’-)

Question answered