Rapture RP

It would be nice to have a Rapture RP gamemode based off Raptured.
There would be the big daddy team as the police, and people can be the little sisters…
Also there can be splicers too.

Me and someone else are making rp_rapture
Although I don’t need people in diving suits throwing me into walls

That would be fun, rping as a normal citizen before gene tonics and plasmid usage. Or you could be a Raving Lunatic wondering around Rapture. When you traverse ‘rapture’ and see a big daddy with little sister and you see a player splicer messing around with a little sister than getting drilled to death would be certainly epic. We could import classes from Dark RP. Rolls such as Banker, Chef, Police Officer as in Law Keeper. Scientist. Splicer Class. Big Daddy Class.

Splicer - would be drug addict. After a certain amount of time the player might start taking Damage unless he takes some adam and assault little sisters for supply of adam relentlessly.

Me and my team are already working on the gamemode