Raptus I Prototype

Mouse steer prototype #3. has turned out successful. Has its issues, but it works.

early concept:

Mouse1 toggles between mouse and wasd steering


Love the mouse steering. Good job.

Borderlands much?

red faction guerrilla inspired me actually

Cool car. I would never make a mouse control car (I’d want to be able to control view and steering with different controls) but yours does work quite well.

One thing I like about your stuff over many of the things posted here: it actually works.

The suspension could also stand for MK-15 Bandit (2142 EU jeep)… or ye olde warthog.

You should make a version without the mouse steering. I find it quite frustrating at times.

I don’t understand why, but this reminds me of the Tumbler from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. you should totally add missiles and caltrops and paint it black.

mouse 1 toggles between a and d steering and mouse steer

Very nice. What was the weapon you pulled out at 0:38 in the video?


lol fail…

and the car kinda reminds me of a buggy i got as an addon for my gta4 :smiley:

Very nicely done.

I was playing that game recently and was looking for vehicles from the game. I really like this car except for the mouse steering. I need to be able to look around while driving without turning that direction! Good job though.

I knew someone would make this. And this is pretty cool. But maybe stick with W A S D controls. they are alot easier. Btw it looks like warthog :stuck_out_tongue: no offense.

forgot to mention, mouse1 toggles between mouse and wasd steering

Wow, really cool concept. You could make it 3rd person, use quaternions so that way the car will steer to the direction your camera is faceing, so all you do is move the mouse to face the way you want to go, so it would be mouse aimed, instead of mouse steered. I did it on my HK-Aerial.

You could use that to make a Warthog!

This weekend, I will take this car and see If I can add in the 3rd person mouse aimed steering (As long as I can get away from my HK for a little). lol

i’m not too familiar with using the camera controller without using the camera model, but it does have third person (fixed though)

what server do you play on karbine?

many… the GME build servers, GGG servers, sometimes sb2 servers