Rare Military weapons Poll

So as this title deems, What is the public opinion of Rare military weapons as a server. A few months ago there were a thriving lot of them and now only one or two function with a low pop.

Would you people like to see more of them spring up?

I used to think rare was good when I first started out, but now I think common is better. The game should be about the fights, not about who got lucky. Plus, the people I kill have better guns when it’s not on rare, I don’t need more pistols!

I like 'em rare.

BUT… I played on alot of rare military loot servers. On every single one I was geared up after a few hours, maybe only a BAR missing here and a kevlar part missing there.

I think in the final version there should be more low tier weapons, that are not as strong and not as ccurate as the military weapons.
Military weapons should be high end stuff, which is nearly impossible to get, that makes the game look and play more like an actual survival game, where the people were building handmade weapons, just to survive in this harsh world of rust.
i want to see handmade automatic weapons and more rifles like the bolt. I like the style and i want Rust to go that way


I think when they implement the “Modify researching” as it is in their Trello, it is going to be a bit better. As I understand it, you will need 3 research kits and 3 m4’s to research and be able to craft a M4, as example. Every BP will be 33%, etc. I think it is a good way to balance it all.

The problem is that this game is almost a pure PvP game where you are never safe, even when you’re logged out.

In DayZ, everg gun is lethal. Well placed shots and you’ve just killed the best geared player in the game in a second.

Here? No. What will happen is I will have a week where I am very busy, only to come on and find half my house fucking decayed and the walls that didn’t rot were blown up. I’ll basically have to start over. Meanwhile, king I-have-20-hours-a-day-to-play will be ruining everyone who tries to achieve anything with his super pwner friends.

I know the answer is “well team up”. While I would agree, it becomes a numbers game. Eventually we’ll have to sleep and the ones who don’t just have to grind out stuff and then re-ruin our base, setting us back days.

I wish the gunplay was more a test of skill rather than being dictated by who can grind the craziest shit the fastesf.

Rare as hell! You like that short and sweet comment lol

Am i the only one that wants to remove guns altogether and go for a medieval setting instead?

Not the only one. However, removing all the guns makes no sense. They already said, that the current weapons are placeholders, for others more “authentic” weapons. Like the selfmade revolver. Such weapons would be cool.