Rare resources,coal nodes

Hey! I have an idea that would make trading much more interesting - rare resources
For example copper nodes that you would mine to get copper to make some electronic releated things (maybe attachments)
Or some ore used to make better metal parts to make advanced guns like m4

Also,coal nodes
Just rocks but with coal inside

I can see the idea of more rare resources but coal? No! There is all ready to much of that. And the cool out of the furnace is enough to make gunpowder. So most of the time the coal of the campfire just go’s out the bag…

Well, coal that we mine isn’t charcoal and coal used for smithing, while it can be charcoal, is often Bituminous coal. A new type of coal could be useful for smithing swords, metal armors, or just at higher temperatures to produce a higher quality metal (although that would be a rather simplistic way to go about it).

Charcoal can produce around 9600 BTUs, whereas you can get 12k-15k out of Bituminous coal depending on the forge and quality of the coal. At any rate, coal nodes wouldn’t logically produce charcoal, but also won’t be all that useful until other higher quality metals are introduced.