Rare Tape #9

Hey FP, so out of the videos I have made on my channel, I never really attempted to accomplish anything in the horror genre, so I gave it a shot, and I personally think it came out rather fine for a first attempt in that general type of genre, its not something that will make you cringe, something rather spooky that fits in the Half Life Atmosphere. If you like it, you can let me know, and if you feel theres need for improvement, constructive criticism is always welcome.

Story : A collage of rare clips that were found after a mysterious invasion conducted by the combine.

Credits to DaveBrown for the map, and I think thats it.

p.s for some reason the static came out choppy and wierd, I rendered it all in sony vegas so if you know why its doing this could you kindly tell me? Thanks :slight_smile:

Horror genre eh? I didn’t feel the point of this video. its ok for your first try but not good.

I know what you’re trying to get at but this wasn’t really entertaining at all.

Its like that tape who kills ppl if you don’t pass it to some1 else. Like in that movie with that girl throwed in the fountain how it was called ?

The ring?


Its a attempt at being a spooky or creepy video, usually creepy or spooky is fitted under the horror genre, if not it was a misunderstanding and the main concept of this video is to be spooky.


Good first try though.

Thanks :D.

Also I would like to know from everyone if the sound distortion proved useful in creating a spooky feeling or did it ruin it?

Distortion sounded good,gave a chill,sorta eerie noise though,umm the effects were nice,the static was a bit to long and some clips were sorta pointless.7.5/10
Maybe we can get together and make a video together?:smiley:
Im in comedy region though,but i would like more interest in horror


Chess maybe

Alright time for some Constructive Criticism:

First, The static was bad, perhaps speeding it up might do something

Second, The clips weren’t spooky enough, I’d suggest adding Subtle scary details (such as zombies, gruesome corpses, the ones that were in this didn’t look scary enough) in the background or passing quick infront of the camera

Third, No, G-man didn’t make the video any scarier, it just looked so out of place there

fourth, combines shooting off-screen isn’t spooky either

fifth, same goes for a caged headcrab

sixth, I’d suggest you use better blood decals you can get those at fpsbanana, they’ll make everything look so much better

Overall It wasn’t that good, but continue trying, practice makes perfect.

  1. I tried that, rendered, still didnt work, I couldnt help it :frowning:
  2. I completely agree with you.
  3. In the description I was aiming for a HL2 Atmosphere, considering Gman usually pops up in the most random places, I thought I would do that to, but if you feel it doesnt work I will take it into consideration next time.
  4. The video as a whole wasnt supposed to be only spooky, as I said its a collection of rare mysterious tapes.
  5. Same with headcrab.
  6. Can you link me to some good looking decals on fpsbanana, I cant seem to find any.

there are about 3-5 blood decals on garrysmod.org search “blood”



This so scary and spooky video
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What does this mean? type properly please.

Yes I know, im currently using the Smod Realistic one, every other blood mod is some overkill fantasy blood mod that is very unrealistic.


I taken for you B ?

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