Rarity+Other stats tables

I’m busy working on a spreadsheet similar to the other one floating around. I have been writing an application to handle the processing of all the data for this, so each update I just need to rerun it with the updated files and it’s good to go in a few minutes.

Currently only has item rarities + protections, I have a few other things almost finished such as structure damages, weapon damages, and a few more calculated things which aren’t on the original sheet, & will update it as I go.

If anything is missing/incorrect let me know, I just knocked this up in my lunch break at work so there still might be some oversights.

I did that “other list”… I don’t see the point of making a second list, you could just have suggested these and I would have done them. We should combine efforts instead of maintaining 2 “competing” lists. I don’t have an issue with sharing my code, could put it on git or something and we could both add new stuff.

The reason I did it was because I wanted the same info but yours wasn’t updated yet, and I wanted to give it a go myself/see what extra useful data I could put together with it.

I wouldn’t mind combining efforts, I did this in lua just because I find it much easier working with tables but I can use most popular languages fine.

Is there any specific reason it isn’t updated yet? What I wrote a couple of days ago worked totally fine right after the update.

Just haven’t got around to it yet, I manage 2 servers and I have 5 published plugins as well as several non-published ones that all came crashing down with the new update so I spent all day fixing that shit and getting the servers back and ready… I’ll try and update tonight.

Send me a PM with your email and lets get in touch. My program is pretty half assed really, wasn’t meant to be more than a test when I begun… I’m using C# with loose binding using dynamic type variables along with newtonsoft json… it’s ugly but it does the job.

Heck I don’t mind if you take the whole project over, I just think the idea of having 2 things that do “the same” makes no sense.