Rarity table

adjusted rarity table - @helkus (/main)

Imagine i want to build a house and want a codelock how am i supposed to know what rarity it is and if i need fragments or pages to get it?

Isn’t the codelock a default bp ?

Codelock is default.

There will most likely be a list created quite fast using data exported from plugins. If someone else doesn’t release one then I’ll probably do it when I have some downtime.

If that isn’t actually possible then we will have to rely on compiling a list just from people saying things they got in each tier, but I believe it will be because BP rarity data is already in the files.

Okay thanks Cushie :smiley:

See the data from Rustafied:

Used for Upping research probability
Redeeming a common blueprint (20 BPFs required)
blueprints: floor spikes, syringe, sandbag barricade, hv arrow, machete, lantern, large furnace,...

Cost 60 BPFs
Yields Uncommon blueprint
blueprints: Explosives, refinery, quarry, pistol bullet, 556 ammo, guitar, salvaged sword, salvaged hammer, leather gloves, roadsign armor, hatchet,...
Blueprint Book

Cost 5 pages (300 BPFs)
Yields Rare blueprint
blueprints:12 gauge slug, 12 gauge buckshot, huge wooden sign, bucket helmet, metal barricade, semi auto pistol, beartrap, longsword, snow jacket, hazmat gear, riot helmet, miner hat, mace, icepick, land mine, rocket,...
Blueprint Library

Cost 4 books (1200 BPFs)
Yields Very rare blueprint
blueprints:Thompson, SMG, special ammo types, C4, pump shotgun, metal armor, bolt, AK,...